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Curly Nikki

All Black in Bombay (and a giveaway)

in the words of the great philosopher Katt Williams- “it’s the most nastiest, dirtiest, ugliest,  most beautiful, wonderful place in all the world”. #India  We made it! Travel time from STL to Mumbai was 24 whole hours and while I felt every bit of it, the airplane had usb ports to charge my technologies, curried …

Curly Nikki

Bollywood Bound

Hola Chicas, It’s the day after Christmas and I’m still on a flight to India! #18HoursStrong For the last four years I’ve been working with women over seas to tell the stories of curlies around the world.  Together we’ve raised the profile of several non-profit organizations and educated folks (myself included!) in the process.   I’ve partied …