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#inspiration - Curly Nikki

Back On the Couch- Moniero’s On the Grow!

By Curly Nikki No Comments

super fly Summer 2010 haircut  Moniero writes: It’s been a while, and my hair has grown so much. I just wanted to come through, and provide a quick hair update. My regimen includes co-washing weekly, clarifying with shampoo once a month, and deep conditioning weekly. My staple products include Shea Moisture shampoo (I use them all), Herbal Essence Hello Hydration…

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Alicia Keys ‘Big Chopped’!

By Curly Nikki 176 Comments

Since it seems that hair trims and cuts are the subject of the day, shall we take a moment to admire Alicia Keys’ big chop? According to Necole Bitchie she chopped just in time for her track release, ‘New Day’, and tweeted the pic below along with the message- “Look what I done did!!;-))) its an ‪#aknewday‬ in EVERY way!!!!…

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Shelbey and Gaye, One Year Later…

By Curly Nikki 26 Comments

SweetDrk1, aka Gaye, writes: Last year, around this time, I very proudly shared a picture of me and my daughter with our TWAs.  Now y’all know I Big Chop annually and it’s about that time. So here we are and have somehow survived the– Me: Shelbey, did you use the last of my Koils by Nature leave in? Her: *silence*…

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Brittney Celebrates 3 Years of Natural Hair!

By Curly Nikki 18 Comments

 Brittney writes: **BLOWS CANDLES OUT** Happy anniversary to my beloved natural hair. How long has it been? Three glorious years. On June 26, 2009 I walked into the salon and had my hair chopped off. It wasn’t until April 2011 that I actually told my “big chop” story here on CurlyNikki, and now I’m back again to reflect and reminisce….

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Naturally Blonde Hair Around the World

By Curly Nikki 44 Comments

via naturallycurly  Hair is simply amazing. The human body and the mechanisms by which it adapts to its environment are mind boggling, and our hair color, texture, porosity and everything else plays a massive part in how well we succeed in a particular environment (or at least it did before we started living in these air conditioned covered boxes). We…

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ChrsLvsBks Chops for a Good Cause

By Curly Nikki 62 Comments

chrslvsbks writes:Ladies, have you ever considered donating your hair? Yes, cutting your hair and sending it to a cause who makes wigs for those who lose their hair due to illness. Well, I did just that Saturday, March 31. Here are a few pictures. blow out pre-chop the ponytail! the result The rules are pretty simple for the causes I…

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