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Curly Nikki

7 Awkward Natural Hair Moments

   by YoufroGirl via GlobalCouture #1 When your co workers or random people ask if they can touch it. Sigh…I’m sure we have all been there. Whether short, long, big or small, people are intrigued by natural hair. They want to put their hands all over it and run their fingers through it. Or they …

Curly Nikki

Do You Have Hand-in-Hair Syndrome?

by NaturallyChelsea The Affliction: Hand-in-Hair syndrome The Symptoms: Touching, teasing, and twirling your hair, constantly. Why it matters: For a curly trying to retain length this can be detrimental to her growth. So if you have ever wondered if your hands and hair get too much quality time then take our fun, quick and easy …