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kids natural hair - Curly Nikki

Natural Hairstyles and Tips for Little Girls

By Curly Nikki 32 Comments

source: Natural Hair Kids By: Nikki of BeadsBraidsBeyond Re-posted from 2009 for your viewing pleasure! For those of you with little girl’s, I would like to share some tips for styling and maintaining curly hair. Let me first introduce myself- My name is Nikki (coincidence? lol) I have a 4 year old daughter- “A”, who has 4A hair mixed with…

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Going Natural May NOT Be the Key to Helping Your Daughter Embrace Her Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki No Comments

source by Kirleen Neely PhD, LPC-S of  In recent years natural hair moms have begun to unapologetically enter PTA meetings, playgrounds, and mommy groups rocking their curls. Many of them made a conscious decision to “go natural” as a way to teach their daughters self-acceptance and also help them learn how to navigate their kinky coils. One significant off spring of…

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Little Boys and Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki 108 Comments

by Monica Lake There are a ton of blogs and Youtube channels devoted to girls and their curls- -how to style them, dress them up, keep them healthy etc. There is almost no information online devoted to young boys with highly textured hair. What about those of us with little princes who don’t want to chuck up the deuces to…

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