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makeup - Curly Nikki

Hair and Makeup Rescue 911

By Curly Nikki 13 Comments

by Miss Lycia of All Day Natural Ladies, stop what you’re doing right now. Don’t walk…run to your bathroom. It’s time for a cosmetics overhaul. That Wet-N-Wild lipstick you’ve been wearing since the 8th grade? Chunk it. It’s killing your lips. The “all-purpose” vaseline you slather on your skin? Petroleum is great for fueling cars, not so much for your…

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Skin and Makeup Must-Haves from Essence

By Curly Nikki 4 Comments writes:With so many new products on the shelves, revamping your makeup bag for fall can be a tad overwhelming. Ladies, we went straight to the top for answers! Here, super-famous celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff (Keri Hilson, Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys are devoted clients) gives us her picks for the top ten makeup and skincare products every…

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