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meditation replay - Curly Nikki

Grace. You got it.

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Hey hey! Don’t stop.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  It’s working, even though you’re not seeing the results you’re hoping for.   Continue>>> Keep choosing You. Keep choosing Love. Keep staying calm. There’s nothing more important than staying in your Center. It’s your throne. Your power. Reclaim it. And watch what happens. Your breakthrough is right here.  Smile.  Breathe.  Stay here,…

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New Growth w/ Nikki Walton Ep 8- The Presence of Awareness with Rupert Spira

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If you want to know what ‘enlightenment’ is… listen to this one! Thank me later 🙂  via Nikki Walton welcomes non-duality teacher Rupert Spira to the New Growth Podcast for a conversation around the true nature of experience and the presence of awareness. From an early age, Rupert Spira was deeply interested in the nature of reality. He studied…

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Calm TF Down.

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When an anger or fear provoking situation arises, PAUSE, ?, and ask ‘is Love here, too?’  Continue!>>> Then, smile, EXHALE, relax your stomach muscles, and feel for the Love that was always, already (t)here, inside, simultaneously existing with the situation, the thoughts, the emotions, and the body’s ‘overwhelming’ sensations. ⠀ This Love is the only constant in every situation— in…

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