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Musings of a First Time Mom - Curly Nikki

The View From St.Louis

By Curly Nikki 10 Comments

RANDOMNESS ALERT! By now, I’m sure you can see just how important family is to me! I come home EVERY chance I get, and do my best to slow down and live in the moment with them. Plus, I need for Gia to know and love the folks that have greatly influenced my life. Check out the view: My cousin…

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Got Milk?

By Curly Nikki 87 Comments

So I’m weaning G off boob milk. Breastfeeding is a time consuming, scheduling nightmare, and I’ve grown tired of being a slave to the pump. In order to establish and maintain an adequate supply, pumping needs to happen every 3-4 hours… no matter where you are, what you’re doing, or who you’re with. Which means I’ve whipped my tatas out…

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A Trip to the Park…

By Curly Nikki 36 Comments

Hola Chicas, So I went clubbing for Mother’s Day. Don’t judge me. I hadn’t been out since New Years and have always considered drinking lots and dancing poorly (sometimes on the bar) the most fun a girl can have. So when the hubs suggested it Saturday, I was game. Feeling behind the times, I turned to Youtube to learn me…

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Couldn’t Wait ’til Friday…

By Curly Nikki 28 Comments

…to share some pics of Boogie, ’cause she’s looking too frickin’ cute in her sun dress and sandals. Even bought her some hatablockas, but she ain’t feeling it. I thought we’d get out and soak up some sun, test drive my new hat, and whip the Benz (yep, still got it!). Later Gators,Nik

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Beamer, Benz, or Bentley…

By Curly Nikki 41 Comments

There’s a new Benz in my driveway. Those who know me are aware of how absurd the above statement is. I’ve never been much of a ‘fancy car’ girl. I’m not enlightened, or trying to sound all holier than thou… I have my vices, but cars? Never. I gladly whipped a green Neon (with automatic nothing, and sporadic air conditioning)…

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Back to Reality… (With More Pics!)

By Curly Nikki 87 Comments

my college bestie, Melissa… oh the (fuzzy) memories! Hola Chicas! In T minus 2 days I’ll be thrust back into vivid, brutal reality. Gone will the be the days of leaving the baby with grandma and taking a ‘quick trip to the store’, sleeping in ’till 10 am, and pretending that my taxes have been filed by magical elves. I…

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Contemplating Buying the Booty Pop

By Curly Nikki 80 Comments

SpongeBob …’cause my ass has gone missing. I’ve never had a Kardashian booty, but for my size, it was rather nice… shapely… plump, if you will. Lately, it looks deflated. It’s not saggy, not quite SpongeBob SquarePants, but definitely, undeniably flat. While preggers I thought it looked a little smaller than usual relative to my bulging belly, but assumed things…

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