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My Hair - Curly Nikki

T-n-C and Shea Butter

By Curly Nikki 27 Comments

Hola Chicas! As I stated in an earlier post, I’ve been experimenting lately with pure, un-refined shea butter. For the past month or so, I’ve been slicking it on the ends of my wet twists, prior to setting them on the rollers. It seems to act like a moisturizing ‘pomade’, holding my ends together and setting the curl. So, I…

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My Ever Changing Routine

By Curly Nikki 10 Comments

I’ve been rocking what I’ve designated the ‘Twist-n-Curl’ (or T-n-C) for several months now. Not only is it a cute style, it has helped me to retain length as well. I love this style so much that I chose to wear a T-n-C on my wedding day! Routine as of April 2008: Every other day, or every three days, I…

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My Hair Pics

By Curly Nikki 6 Comments

All of my new pics and updates will be posted right here! Check back for updates 😀 For older and current pics see: Enjoy 😀 Fall 2008 These pics are of a Day 3 T-n-C that I turned into a puff, and 1 day old T-n-C:

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