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Natural Hair Dictionary - Curly Nikki

Kinky Does Not Equal Type 4 and Other Misused Terms

By Curly Nikki No Comments

 by Amanda With thousands of articles being published daily about hair care, terms can begin to overlap, be misused, and become confusing. Not understanding proper terminology can lead to purchasing the wrong products and misunderstanding what your hair needs. You may be buying products for coarse hair wondering why your hair is being weighed down. Maybe you are shocked at…

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Lingo, Shmingo :)

By Curly Nikki 6 Comments

I’m sure that to some, the abbreviations and jargon I (and hair idols) use may be a bit perplexing. Here’s a list of commonly mentioned ingredients/techniques/abbreviations, that you will run across on and other hair sites: 2nd day hair– Hair that looks good (at least decent) when you wake up the next morning…you don’t have to do much before…

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