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Natural hair meetups and shows - Curly Nikki

CurlyNikki Does Chicago! (UPDATES!)

By Curly Nikki 13 Comments

So spaced filled up and fast… we were at capacity in like 18 hours!  Fun will be had by all.  At any rate, since Thanksgiving is creeping up on us, I thought it’d be grand if we turned the meet-up into a mini drive.  So bring a canned good… you don’t have to, but it’d rock if you did.  And…

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NYC Wrap-Up!- EPIC.

By Curly Nikki 119 Comments

thanks Marisol and Jenell for sharing this pic! So last night was EPIC. I’m talking ‘everything possibly imaginable, cuz’ type EPIC, I mean, ‘every photo is cute’ type EPIC, or better yet, I mean ‘haters were instantly concerned’, type EPIC. No matter the anagram or witty phrase… (I plan on copyrighting them all, lol), we had a GREAT night last…

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CurlyNikki Does NYC- UPDATE

By Curly Nikki 40 Comments

Due to the enormous response and large space, we’ve opened thangs up!  The people demanded it! If you’ve RSVP’ed (emailed with the number of folks attending with you), then you’re in and we’ll see you on Thursday! Can’t wait to meet you all! **************************************** If so ever there was a time to rush to your inbox and RSVP for…

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CurlyNikki Does New Orleans- The Debriefing

By Curly Nikki 42 Comments

Was up in NOLA going hammer for all of 1.5 days, but in that short time I: -Stayed at a Pool House – on a street called Belaire!  Only thing missing was DJ Jazzy Jeff #SummerTimeSwag #Fresh  -Ate at Mother’s AND Acme (and scheduled a subsequent appointment to have my cholesterol checked)  -Partied into the night with the Curlies &…

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CurlyNikki Does New Orleans- RSVP Today!

By Curly Nikki 48 Comments

UPDATE!  Today is the LAST day to RSVP…  Hope to see you on Thursday night!   Oh and the venue is outdoors… so yeah, dress appropriately.   NOLA Curlies! I’m heading your way in exactly two weeks from today! I hope you’ll come out and join me and Mizani for some curl time!  There will be free appetizers, gift bags,…

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CurlyNikki Does Charlotte- The Debriefing

By Curly Nikki 65 Comments

On Saturday, more than 800 curlies descended onto Charlotte’s swanky SUITE to celebrate the amazingness that is natural hair. There was great music, mingling, a lil’ wobbling and lots of laughs.  The Design Essentials and UR Curly sponsored meetup brought out folks from as far as Georgia, DC and South Carolina.  The hair was sick, the fashions haute and the…

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CurlyNikki Does Charlotte, NC! (UPDATE)

By Curly Nikki 49 Comments

So the confirmation emails went out with ‘a ticket’ to print, and those of you with +1 or +2s are concerned about your ability to get your friends in.  Sorry for the glitchiness… guess I was doing the most, lol.  At any rate, no worries!  Ticket or not, come on out! See you soon!!  EXCITED 🙂 xx nik  *does Beyonce…

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CurlyNikki Does LA-Grow Out Challenge Wrap Up

By Curly Nikki 12 Comments

So I’ve heard many a nasty rumor and generalization about the ‘spoiled little LA girls‘ that Kanye affectionately refers to. I’ve also heard that weaves rule the day and that you’d be hard pressed to find a natural hair beauty walking the streets of Hollywood. Well Saturday night, I think we blew those stereotypes out of the water. For the…

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