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Curly Nikki

Adrianna is 16, Confident and Natural!

Via Global Couture, LLC Hey curly girl! My Name is Adrianna! I was born and raised in Georgia with my loving parents and older sister. I’m an outspoken Sixteen-year old girl with big dreams and goals that are strongly supported by my family and close friends. I love being natural, inside and out. My generation …

Curly Nikki

It’s Hard Out Here Fo’ a Teen Natural

By: Rebecca Haynes from DanceOnTheSkylines Teen naturals. We lurk, we post, and we are all around you. We enviously read the reviews of our older counter parts, gazing longingly at the pricey products they can afford that we, on our junior high/high-school/college budgets, cannot. We try desperately to find products that work for our own …