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natural wedding - Curly Nikki

A Natural Wedding Story- Crystal P.

By Curly Nikki 32 Comments

Hi Nikki! My husband and I were married on March 3, 2012 in Long Island, NY. We chose to have a small, private ceremony with immediate family in our home. March also marked my one year of being relaxer free! Once I got engaged, I realized that I was going to be a natural bride and that was going to…

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Shaana- Natural Hair Bride

By Curly Nikki 18 Comments

Shaana writes: I just wanted to submit these pictures in case any other brides are like me and want to do their own hair, but not have to worry about the style maintaining itself.. Being that we were getting married in June in TEXAS, it was really important to me to have a hairstyle that would last through the 105…

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Natural Hair Bride- EJ

By Curly Nikki 8 Comments

EJ writes: Hello CurlyNikki and family, I was recently married to my wonderful hubby on Sunday September 4, 2011 and what a wonderful day it was. I had no idea what was going to be done with my hair because I didn’t do any trial and error sessions like suggested. However, I knew that I was going to wear it…

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Sabrina- A Natural Bride

By Curly Nikki 44 Comments

I never would have imagined that 10 months after I Big Chopped I would be walking down the aisle and getting married to the man I love. We were engaged Dec. 13th, a mere 5 months post BC. Uh oh….what was I to do working with my teeny weeny afro? To be truthful I didn’t even begin to mess around…

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Ashley B.- A Natural Bride!

By Curly Nikki 6 Comments

Hi Curlies! My husband (Julian) and I got married on New Year’s Day and had a small ceremony… we got preggers 2 weeks later! So we had a reception for our family and friends this past weekend on the anniversary of us dating. The pic above is of me and him and the bun in the oven. Her name is…

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Apryl- A Natural Hair Bride

By Curly Nikki 22 Comments

Apryl writes; I wanted to share my bridal hair experience with you and all of your devoted readers in hopes that this may help some brides to be. First let me say, I was natural for nearly five years when I got married in March 2010, but still found it somewhat difficult to find that “perfect” style. I love my…

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Naomi- Natural Hair Bride

By Curly Nikki 16 Comments

Hey Nikki, My name is Naomi and I love your site & Forum!!! (I am a member on your forum-naomimaxine927). I have been natural for a year and four months, and when it came to planning my wedding, I had no idea what to do with my hair. Mind you I only had a month to plan! I married the…

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Chavonne- A Natural Bride

By Curly Nikki 62 Comments

Chavonne writes: I was nervous about wearing my natural hair out for the big day. My hair is unpredictable and I wanted some certainty that it wouldn’t look a hot mess. So I tried 3 or 4 natural hair salons trying to recreate a hair style I saw in an Essence magazine. Each time my hair came out worst than…

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KinkyCurlyCoilyMe- Natural Bride

By Curly Nikki 21 Comments

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe writes: Hey CurlyNikki Curlies! I contemplated how to style my hair for my wedding for months and months and months. When we got engaged, I wasn’t natural and going natural wasn’t even something I had thought about. But I Big Chopped four months before my wedding and at first I still had it in my mind that I would…

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