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Curly Nikki

Naturally Fit- Mind Over Matter

by LaChristin of Digital Curls An important aspect of improving upon one’s physical fitness is to train with an end state in mind. In other words, visualize how you’ll look tomorrow, and work towards tomorrow’s look today. I’m currently 140lbs, and have pride in the progress I’ve made to date; however, I envision weighing 135lbs …

Curly Nikki

Naturally Fit with LaChristin- Home Training

by LaChristin of Digital Curls Anybody and everybody could use a little home training! Working out from home wasn’t initially my preference; however, overtime I became more receptive to implementing it into my schedule. With continuous constraints such as volunteering, attending appointments, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, parenting (also known as refereeing), and running of errands I’m …