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Curly Nikki

How to Prevent Shrinkage in Natural Hair

Via naturalhairslays on instagram By Mary Wolff Curls are beautiful in all their variations. While they are beautiful, they may require a good amount of care to stay healthy and looking their best. One of the biggest problems in curly hair, especially for those with thicker hair, is shrinkage. Shrinkage can make your strands look …

Curly Nikki

5 Signs You’re A Natural Hair Nazi

By Kanisha Parks Lurking in the comment sections / dropping shade left and rightMad at the world / always ready to fight. They think they run the hair scene / their way or noneNatural Hair Nazis / mad since day one. Seriously, cheesy poetry aside: Natural Hair Nazism is real and thriving. It’s unfortunate, really, …

Curly Nikki

Do It Yourself Hair Rinse

By Mary Wolff It isn’t a secret to any naturalists that nature has given us lots of soothing ways to care for our curls. With a DIY herbal hair rinse, you can combat a range of hair issues from dryness of the scalp and lack of blood circulation to adding extra hydration to strands. Here …