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Naturals Over 35 - Curly Nikki

Nyla and Her Curlfriends

By Curly Nikki 23 Comments

Hey Nik: I would like to thank you for your site! It is so amazing. Recently, I went all the way to California, and met two wonderful ladies from the 35+ thread in the forums! These are truly my “PLAY COUSINS”! Wonderful friendships have developed as a result of hanging out on this site. From left to right: Ryl is…

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For the Grown and Sexy– Naturals Over 35

By Curly Nikki 16 Comments

NylaCoils writes: Nik, When, searching the internet, it’s so easy to find young naturals. As a result, our sticky on the CurlyNikki Forum, has become a place where we have discussed it all from a (for lack of a better term) mature perspective. I hope that you enjoy. The last picture in the montage is my MOMMY! AIN’T, she fly?!…

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