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Curly Nikki

Understanding Fine Natural Hair

by Nicole Hollis of Hair Liberty After studying African American hair in depth, doctors and scientists have found a lot of common features. Hair of African descent is likely to be very curly, dry, and fragile by nature. Those are the more universal characteristics, but obviously every black woman’s hair isn’t the same. One of …

Curly Nikki

Minimizing Natural Hair Damage

by Nicole Hollis of Hair Liberty When you’re enthusiastic about hair care and dedicated to a healthy hair journey it can be difficult to be objective about your hair. It’s easy to talk about things that keep the hair healthy like gentle handling, good conditioners, and low manipulation, but if those were the only things …

Curly Nikki

Split Ends Even After a Trim?

Hair Liberty’s Nicole Harmon, our Resident Curl Chemist, is answering your most urgent hair questions. Check it out!  Q: I have split ends all the time even right after a trim. How can I get them to stop? A: Your hair splits when the cuticle has been completely worn away. That can happen anywhere on …