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Curly Nikki

Caribbean-Born Dancer Kyle Patrick is Naturally Glam!

Kyle Patrick By Onicia Muller Caribbean-born model/actor/dancer Kyle Patrick was spotted performing at the Pornceptual stage during Amsterdam’s MILKSHAKE Festival. The multi-genre dance music festival promotes diversity, respect, and the freedom to let Ones’ guard down- regardless of sexuality, gender, or race. He’s statuesque; having the right balance of leanness and sculpted muscles. His dark …

Curly Nikki

6 Tips for Ending a Friendship Gracefully

By Onicia Muller The birth and death of friendships are as mysterious and unpredictable as waves washing up on the shore. We can’t predict when and what they’ll bring into our lives. We don’t know what they’ll take or teach us when they leave. My would-be best friend struggled with low self-esteem, depression, and abandonment …