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Random - Curly Nikki

Definitely Not About Curly Hair…

By Curly Nikki One Comment

This is so not about hair…but important none the less 😀 I left the house today at 10:00 a.m. and 2 hours later I Barack’ed the VOTE!!! Yes, it took me 2 hours to get through the early voting line. It was terribly annoying, but also inspiring- people are coming out in droves!!!! Ladies, this is the most important election…EVER…get…

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I’m in LA- What’s a Curly to Do?!

By Curly Nikki 3 Comments

Hi ladies! I’m in LA because my hubby is attending a conference. I have all day to play around, but I’m at a lost for what to do! This is very overwhelming! Obviously, doing something hair related takes priority 😀 Are there any great hair candy stores for me to visit?! What would you do if you only had today,…

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