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Random - Curly Nikki

Are We Being Duped?- Organic Hair Products

By Curly Nikki 13 Comments

Shirley W., a reader, shared a very interesting article she came across yesterday. Dirty Secret About Organic Cosmetics “Consumer groups warn that when it comes to organic cosmetics and personal care products, you may not get what you expect. ‘It’s the Wild West out there,’ says one industry expert.” Are you an avid organic cosmetic consumer? Although I’m…

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It’s a…..

By Curly Nikki 135 Comments

……little diva! We just found out today, and all I can say is if she is anything like her mom, the hubs will have his hands full! My mom and dad were in town for the gender ultrasound and they couldn’t be happier 🙂 I guess it’s hair bows, HUGE afro puffs, and pink booties in my future! Queen, Nik,…

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Calling All Natural Divas

By Curly Nikki 4 Comments wants you! Calling all natural hair divas! Send ESSENCE a picture of your hair style and tell us what you love about your natural ‘do. We’re looking for real women rocking their hair natural: Ceasars, fades, twists, curls, locks, long or short–we want to see it! Please send three pictures and your contact info to today!

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Devil Spray and Other Banter

By Curly Nikki 5 Comments

1. I did my hair today (in preparation for a banquet Tuesday night), despite feeling lazy- – detangled, conditioned, braided, and jumbo flexi-rodded in preparation for a dry braid-out tomorrow. I’m known to be heavy handed with products (even though I know my best hair days result from VERY little leave-in), and after putting away my hair goodies and cleaning…

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Naturals Unite for Haiti!

By Curly Nikki 4 Comments

TravelJunkie08 writes: Hi Nikki, Just wanted to let you and the community know that in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Karen’s Body Beautiful is matching donations to Wyclef Jean’s organization, Yele, until January 20, 2010. According to the website, KBB also plans to send its products to Haiti. Details can be found at Have you donated…

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Attention UK Curlies– TV Opportunity!

By Curly Nikki 2 Comments

Remember our Weird Habits post? Well, it got the attention of a BBC producer! If you’re in the UK, you may be interested in participating: WANT TO BE ON TV? DO YOU HAVE A HABIT OR ROUTINE THAT MAKES YOU STAND OUT FROM THE REST? DO YOU PRIDE YOURSELF ON BEING DIFFERENT? HAS ANYONE EVER COMMENTED ON YOUR UNIQUE WAYS?…

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Curl Bashing on TMZ

By Curly Nikki 49 Comments

A reader forwarded this TMZ article to me. She writes: “What is TMZ implying with this title.. I would love for all the curlies to leave their comments on this article to counter all the negative and ignorant comments already left. This is unacceptable.” Check it out and come back and let us know what you think. Personally, I…

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What Are Your Hair Plans…

By Curly Nikki 18 Comments

for the weekend? I’m doing a henna treatment as we speak! My first one since October. I plan to DT and style tomorrow (a twist-out on wet hair, then a dry braid-out). Yesterday, I cut off a half an inch– my ends were super raggedy, probably due to neglect. Sad. In 2010 I’m gonna be so on it… no more…

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