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Curly Nikki

Love says, “You Lack Nothing…”

When you have God, you have everything you need. by Akilah Peynado of Hello everyone! Let’s continue from where we left off last week. As you are well aware, ​“​Read with Love”​ ​has commenced and we have started reading this fantastic new book named, ​“A Thousand Names of Joy” by Katie Byron​ a​nd the word …

Curly Nikki

Love is in the Air

by Akilah Peynado of​m Love is in the Air… “Read with Love”,​ is BACK and is live. Nikki took a break from snatching off our edges every week with her diamond cut words. I can’t lie, I missed it. I missed her words. I missed the atmosphere that was created on ​Mondays at 6:30pm via …