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silicones - Curly Nikki

Heat Protectants- Silicones Are Our Friends

By Curly Nikki One Comment

by Sister Scientist  In my Fry Eggs, Not Your Hair experiment I demonstrate the effects of heat transfer on an egg to emphasize the importance of incorporating a heat protection product into your thermal styling regimen. If this demonstration does not convince you that heat damage is real, I really do not know what will. Heat softens the keratin in…

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Health and Beauty Myth Busting

By Curly Nikki No Comments

via Myth: Silicones suffocate hair The Truth: Silicones can build up on hair from shampoos and conditioners that contain high levels of high molecular weight, water insoluble silicones. If you over-use products like this everyday, it is possible to end up with hair that feels weighed down and limp. But even this does happen, you’re not really suffocating your hair. 1)…

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Water Soluble Silicones 101

By Curly Nikki 9 Comments

by Tonya McKay  Silicones have many unique properties that make them a preferred ingredient for hair care product formulators. They form a film on the surface of hair strands which allows them to effectively act as a lubricant between adjacent hair strands and reduce the forces required for detangling hair. Due to their high refractive index, they also impart a…

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Understanding Silicones- Natural Hair

By Curly Nikki 29 Comments

 via Good Hair Diaries  Silicones are ingredients in many hair conditioners, shampoos, and hair gel products. They usually have hard to pronounce names like phenyltrimethicones or amodimethicones. Too make things easier, just remember that most ingredients ending in “cone”, “col”, “conol” or “zane” are more than likely a silicone. Silicones will produce a  build-up on the hair and scalp because they are often not water-soluble. This is why…

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Silicone Hair Products: Not So Bad?

By Curly Nikki 7 Comments

source by IAgirl via There is no single perfect recipe for hair care, products or styling. Not even all curlies who fall under one specific curl type need the same product or have the same miracle worker. One recent trend that’s taken the curly hair product world by storm, however, is to avoid silicone hair products. As smart, curly…

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The Curl Whisperer on Silicones

By Curly Nikki 6 Comments

For our last article on product ingredients: silicones. There are few product ingredient subjects that inspire as much debate as silicones. Silicones are polymers used used to coat the hair shaft to provide a smoothing effect. All silicones, however, are not created equal. Many conditioners and styling products on the market, both professional and drugstore brands, contain non-water soluble silicones…

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