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Curly Nikki

Tell ‘Em Why You Mad, Solange

source by Tiffani Greenaway of Solange just wanted to dance. Solange, her husband, Alan Ferguson, her 11-year-old son Julez, and his friend attended an electronica concert at the Orpheus Theater in New Orleans over the weekend. Their group was “4 of about 20 black concert goers out of 1500 here. 4 out of maaaybbe …

Curly Nikki

Celebs Speak Up for Justice

by Tiffani Greenaway of We’ve criticized athletes and celebrities for not using their platforms to speak about the injustices in our community. We’ve called them to the carpet for remaining tight lipped in the face of the mass shooting in Orlando or the massacre of Black men across our country. Continue!>>> In the wake …

Curly Nikki

Are the Proposed Army Changes (AR 607-1) Discriminatory to Women with Natural Hair?

by Tia of Thursday, March 19th, new army regulations as it relates to grooming and appearance were leaked online. The leaked information included a PowerPoint, Army Regulation 670-1 leader training, with explicit details and pictures explaining the new polices. Many of the new guidelines directly affect African American women in the Army. Updated Female Grooming …