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Curly Nikki

#BeHerNow & the Rest Will Follow

You probably don’t know the ‘how’ or the ‘when,’ but you always know the ‘WHAT.’ And I’m not talking about the weight loss, the ring, or the bank account, I’m talking about the reason WHY you want that stuff… the happiness, the peace, the joy, the comfort and security you think you’re gonna have when …

Curly Nikki

Flip the Switch: An Exercise on How to #BeHerNow

Gathered, yet? #FlipTheSwitch #BeHerNow Continue Fun Fact- You are not the annoyed and easily bothered individual you think you are. Your natural Self is ‘good’… happy for no reason, and inherently grateful. To remember and ‘experience’ this reality, you don’t have to change your beliefs, fake it til you make it, or do anything— you …

Curly Nikki

Re-Discover Your Current: #BeHerNow

Nikki Walton There’s a current of peace and well-being coursing through you, always. And when you’re conscious of it, ‘you let go of who you are and become who you might be.’- Lao Tzu  This silent but powerful current carries with it the deets of HER unfoldment— of HER success and unconditional happiness. This joyful current …