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Curly Nikki

Top 5 Essential Conditioners

IG @_booorges  by Mary Wolff Your curls need moisture to stay healthy. As curly girls, we are bombarded with new products almost every day it seems. How do you find the ones you might want to try? Listen to your fellow curlies, of course! I know everyone has their own hair care preferences because no two …

Curly Nikki

10 Holy Grail Natural Products Under $10

IG @_journeytowaistlength by Jascmeen Bush of A common misconception is that Naturals spend a lot of money on products. Some of us do, there’s no denying that, but on the flip side we have plenty of amazing and affordable options. Take notes newbies, stock up on these cheap grails before going for a splurge. …

Curly Nikki

5 Black Owned Natural Hair Brands to Try

@naturalbelle by Jascmeen of Let’s face it, even with our go-to’s and grails, we can’t help but to experiment with new lines and products. The Black haircare industry is a potentially $500 billion dollar industry, so why not put some of our own money back into our own community? Here are a few Black-owned …