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Curly Nikki

How to Trim Natural Hair

IG @thesmartista by Mary Wolff Beautiful hair takes work. As if the constant washing, conditioning, and styling isn’t enough, hair needs to be trimmed on the regular to keep it healthy. Hair with dead and damaged ends is hair that has stopped growing. A lot of curlies struggle with length and refuse to trim. You may …

Curly Nikki

Stop Natural Hair Breakage, Now!

IG @cachosdavic by Sabrina Perkins of There are just some hair maintenance “musts” that one must do to ensure they keep healthy hair. Some are no-brainers like washing hair while others seem counter-productive. Believe me when I say it is like pulling teeth to get some to understand the importance of a biggie like …

Curly Nikki

4 Signs That it’s Time For a Trim!

by Toia B of I totally get why many shy away from trimming. Hair shrinkage coupled with the fear of scissor-happy stylists make some naturals run the other way. When you’ve worked hard to achieve and maintain some length, you’re not tryna hear nothin’ bout no trim! While quite a few naturals shudder at …