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Curly Nikki

Boat So Hard

Captain Kirk. Captain Planet. Captain Kangaroo,  Captain Alvaro and now…Captain Curly Nik. So there was that one time we charged it to the game and chartered a private boat…I walked up on deck, opened up the cooler and felt like… The best part was that Boog, thanks to Disney Junior,  had an arsenal of canned …

Curly Nikki

Bum So Hard

Beach bumming, that is. I was back on Coki by 10 this morning– luxuriating and things of that nature.  Did it proper this time, tho– iPad reading, local folk meeting, whole-fish eating, rum drink sipping (sorry liver), beach chair lounging… and after surviving the treacherous journey back up the mountain to our flat, we’re napping. …

Curly Nikki


Back to the future.  Hola Chicas, I need some shade and a vacay. Like, real shade from palm trees, floppy hats, sun umbrellas, and even those little umbrellas in my drank. Not to be confused with: Read On!>>> …the kind of shade I’ve stayed getting thrown the last few weeks. So, while Syl was in …