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Walking Down Memory Lane - Curly Nikki

Stacey C.- A Trip Down Memory Lane

By Curly Nikki 5 Comments

I big chopped on Feb. 10th 2010, so I’m one year strong! The picture above is a couple of days after my big chop. I haven’t really experimented with various styles. I have stayed true to the two strand twist-out because I love the results. I just recently started re-twisting my hair every night before going to bed. I love…

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Liz J. Celebrates 1 Year Natural!

By Curly Nikki 22 Comments

I just celebrated my 1 year naturalversary on January 25th! The first picture is from the day I did my big chop, and of course the second is from today, only one year later! I rarely wear my hair stretched, but it’s amazing to see the growth that I have, despite my shrinkage. Your site has been extremely helpful throughout…

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Check Out the Growth on This One!

By Curly Nikki 11 Comments

Meet Gabbihealth… a lovely natural who felt it necessary to share her story with the CN community, since it was all of us that helped her along the way. Hopefully her amazing pics will inspire one of you! I’ve reached my one year and 6 months anniversary December 21, 2010 and I’m so excited.My Current Regimen: I hot oil* and…

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Walking Down Memory Lane with Maria

By Curly Nikki 7 Comments

Maria writes: I’ve been natural for seven years beginning with my last relaxer in 2003. I never transitioned “properly” and never gave any serious thought to whether or not my hair was natural. It just never occurred to me. I have been the BIGGEST fan of Denise Huxtable since I can remember and always wanted to pursue locs. So when…

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Walking Down Memory Lane with Antre

By Curly Nikki 15 Comments

Hey Curly Nikki and soon to be cute baby girl! Time sure does fly doesn’t it?! It seems like just yesterday that you announced you were prego! Anywho, in regards to my lovely mane, time really does fly! My one year anniversary (since I BC’d) was May 17, 2010 and I wanted to share some pics with you and the…

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Walking Down Memory Lane with Mcgradylady

By Curly Nikki 19 Comments

Mcgradylady has experienced some exceptional growth and enjoys lots of styling options! Check her out: Hi Nikki, I was one of your first transition to natural features a while back. I’ve hit my one year anniversary and I’m so excited. I wanted to share some pics with you. Also thank you for your awesome blog. Since I’ve started this journey,…

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MahoganyCurls Celebrates 1 Year!

By Curly Nikki 41 Comments

MahoganyCurls is celebrating her 1 year natural anniversary and she is sharing her progress with the community! Ladies, I think we’ve lost our TWA guru… that ain’t no TWA no more ;) Nik, It has been a year since I went natural and I wanted to share my hair journey with the lovely ladies on this site! I love…

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oooop2- Walking Down Memory Lane

By Curly Nikki 27 Comments

Hi Ladies, Well the time has come for me to post my hair journey through 2008. In January 2008, I really started developing my hair regime and joined a Super 3m challenge. This challenge really helped me to develop a routine and start learning about my hair. Here is my hair in Jan 08: Braided out flat-ironed hair My standard…

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A Walk Down Memory Lane…

By Curly Nikki 26 Comments

Every few months, I look back over my pictures to assess progress and to foster happy feelings!! I recommend that each and every one of you incorporate this simple act into your own healthy hair routine! As a curly girl, progress can be hard to measure- pictures truly help you see just how far you’ve come. Unlike many, my goals…

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