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Curly Nikki

Winter Hair Tips

IG @chelliscurls  by Mary Wolff We all know heat is the natural enemy of curly girls everywhere making summer an almost dreaded time of year. But what about winter? Winter is a time when the air naturally dries out and becomes colder. Hair in the winter is more likely to become dry from the lack of …

Curly Nikki

Cold Weather Wash & Go Routine

JeweJewe Bee writes: I want to show you how I get soft and moisturized curls during the colder seasons! I explain and demonstrate exactly what I do to my hair, from cleansing and conditioning my hair in the shower, to how I avoid leaving the house with wet hair without using heat! Enjoy! Continue!>>>

Curly Nikki

Winterize Yourself Inside and Out

by GG of As the temperature drops and the layers of clothing increase, every woman must go through a change in their beauty routine to prepare for the cold months ahead. If you know like I know, a beauty routine is not just about creams, oils and powders. If you don’t have a regimen …