I’m not much of a ‘protective styler’ (placing the hair in styles that protects the ends from wear and tear)…I feel less glam when I’m in buns, twists, french braids, etc. I like my hair BIGGG and WILD at all times 😀

But, sometimes, I’ll rock this bun if I’m feeling too lazy to twist-n-curl. I still feel glam…since it’s up so high 😉

I plan to do a pictorial at some point, but until then, here are the steps:
  • Detangle
  • Apply DT (let sit for 30-45 minutes under micro heat cap)
  • Rinse DT- not in the shower, but in the tub. I kneel over the bathtub, and rinse the DT with my head hanging under the tub faucet. The pressure of the water releases any remaining tangles, and forces all of my hair to the top of my head (as opposed to rinsing in the shower, which forces my hair down and back). This keeps me from having to use a brush or comb to rake my delicate wet strands up into a high pony tail.
  • I then pull my wet, heavily moisturized hair into a high pony with a Goody ouchless elastic. I put a medium-sized black satin scrunchie over that, and spread the hair in the pony tail in all directions around the scrunchie in order to cover/hide it.
  • Take another Goody elastic and secure the hair (looks like a little donut) and pull the ends (almost) through to make it a fuller, bigger bun.

I hope this makes sense…it’s really hard to describe, but very easy to do. If you’ve ever done a Sock Bun, it’s the same process..I just use a scrunchie to help shape the bun instead of a sock or tube 😀

Video to come!