Although most mornings I wake up to a frizzless, still curly, 2 or 3 day old twist-n-curl, other mornings, I’m not so lucky. So, what do I do when I can’t salvage the style, but have somewhere to go?
Turn it into a Twist-n-Curl Puff!!!

Several CurlyNikki readers have asked how I create this puff, so here ya go 😀

What you’ll need:
Create the Puff:
  • For the most voluminous puff, start with a T-n-C set or dry wash-n-go. For me, creating puffs on wet hair don’t yield the same BIGGGG results.
  • Take a Goody Ouchlesss Headband (Walgreens, Walmart, Tar-jay) and double it up, so that it is now half the size as it was before.
  • Slide the now smaller headband over your noggin and down onto your neck. This step is highly uncomfortable if you have a large head like mine ;0) So make sure to execute this step and the next one very quickly, to decrease the amount of discomfort you may experience, lol.
  • Take the headband and slide it back up, onto your head, and over your hair (sometimes I leave out a little hair for pizazz, lol). Use the doubled up headband and your hands to position the puff exactly where you want it.
  • Hold the puff in place with one hand, while you grab a snap clip with the other. Secure the right side, left side, and back of the headband to your hair with the snap clips. This keeps the headband from moving out of position, or completely rolling out of your hair.
  • Add accessories…I usually use another goody headband as a ‘real’ headband to hold back my edges. Sometimes, I’ll add a flower.
  • Viola! You’ve got a monster puff 😀

**The key is to secure the sides of the headband before it is allowed to slide in to far. The wider the circle of the headband, the bigger the puff.

Later Gators,