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Curly Nikki

Falling Out of Love…

By January 27th, 202119 Comments
Falling Out of Love...Frizzy Mess…Sad Nik :(

I’m pissed at Kinky Curly Knot Today. I’ve been doing my best to love it unconditionally, but we’re not seeing eye to eye right now. The worst part is that my compulsive self already purchased a 32oz bottle (in transit). Stay tuned…ya’ll may be in for another Giveaway!

On paper, it looks perfect. It’s an all natural detangler (an effective one at that) and leave-in…what more could a girl want. I already knew that it wasn’t the best moisturizer, but I felt that I could work around that. My 2 issues (listed in the review) were its lack of moisturizing properties, and hair that REFUSES to stand up to humidity. Well, today was another humid day in the Triangle, and my hair went south before 10 a.m. Needless to say, I was livid. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing in my hair, but I don’t like having to do it two days in a row. This is my 4th frizzy nest experience with KCKT. I’ve tried it with DevaOne, I’ve tried it alone…both result in product-y, frizzy hair in humidity. I’ve had 3 successful hair days with KCKT, all of which were on sunny, dry days. Has anyone else experienced this? This is shaping up to be a fair weather friend…which is sad.

I will continue to use it as a detangler in the shower because its nothing short of a miracle! But I plan to rinse it completely from here on out…starting tonight. The million dollar question is- is it worth paying the high price to rinse it down the drain?

Later Gators,

Disclaimer: KinkyCurly Knot Today is not advertised as a Styler. It is a leave-in conditioner. I used it as a styler, because I solely use conditioners to achieve BIG, FLUFFY hair.


  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    KC Staff Member,

    I feel that I provided a very fair review. I have a signature style, and some products work for it, and others don’t. I now know that it doesn’t have hold, and leaves a sticky film if used alone. It also didn’t hold up well in humidity. Generally, products that are labeled as leave-ins can be left in- without feeling drying or product-y. I will never tell my readers not to purchase a product, and I pride myself on fair and balanced reviews. I give the good, the bad and the ugly and allow people to come to their own conclusions. With that said, your product is an outstanding detangler, and now that I’ve purchased (and received) the 32oz bottle of KCKT, I’ll use it in the shower to make my life easier. Amazing detangler…but for me, not a great leave-in. I hope this clears up any confusion.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is an attempt to clear up some confusion.

    Kinky-Curly Knot Today is NOT a ‘stand alone’ styling product. It is a detangling conditioner to be rinsed out and/or a leave in conditioner to smooth the hair cuticle and prep it for styling. It should be used in conjunction with our Curling Custard. The Knot Today has no hold when used by itself.

    We do not market it or make claims that it will prevent frizz. While some customers have used the Knot Today as a leave in conditioner by itself to roller set their hair or to do twist and braid outs. It was NOT developed as a styling product to prevent frizz or to hold your hairstyle. Our Curling Custard and Spiral Spritz are the styling products that do those jobs.

    We are sorry that our Knot Today did not give you the results you expected with your twist-n-curl styling method. We recommend as most manufacturers do to use our products as directed.
    You may have used other conditioners as styling products in the past that resulted in great results but the Kinky-Curly Knot Today is not a styling product nor do we advertise it as one.

    While we do appreciate creativity when using our products we also appreciate a fair product review (whether you love it or hate it) that results from when the product is used for what it was intended for.

    Kinky-Curly Staff Member

  • Angelique says:

    omg i cant believe it didnt work for u i would gladly like to snatch that up from u…curly hair is so different and what works for some might not work for curlies even those with similar hair types but i think it works best on wash n go’s i never tired it with any other styles…

  • Nika says:

    Oh sorry to hear that it’s not working for you. I said previously it is the best detangler ever but it does not have moisturizing properties. The only reason I use it is because it is the best partner ever to the KCCC. Nothing else complements the KCCC like the KCKT. But if I don’t use the KCCC I definitely need to use a moisturizer. As for hair frizzing up in humidity, I’ve never paid enough attention to notice.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like KCKT but it does cost quite a bit..I’m not much of a huge consumer but wanted to try out the KC line…or a few of their products. The best detangler for me was by Bio Infusion…talk about slippery lol
    the Knot Today was cool as a leave and okay as a detangler for me but not the best.

  • Mel says:

    If you do give it away please keep me in consideration. I want to try this product but its too much money for me.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Thanks for the responses ladies! I don’t know what I’m going to do. I agree that I don’t think its worth the money for just detangling.

    @Maria, lol! I know, right! One of my colleagues told me he didn’t recognize me with my hair ‘blown out’. I told him I had styled it just the same…sad.

    @Sunshine one, we have very similar textures! I’m not even interested in trying the KCCC. I’m going to stick with what I know, lol…at least for now. My hair still feels gunky today…I need to clarify.

    @gigi, a detangler is essential for me. It’s a conditioner that helps loosen up the kinks and naps a bit. Without it,I’d be in the shower for hours trying to rake and comb through my hair. A detangling conditioner makes your hair slippery like seaweed and helps the comb (or your fingers) to slide right on through like butter!

    @Shanghai, you are exactly right! Frizz is the direct result of dry hair…hair that is reaching out to the atmosphere to provide moisture. I’m more KCKT for me.

  • God's Child says:

    Well, I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve heard mixed stories about this product and was thinking of getting it. Now that I’ve seen that you are having problems I think I will pass. I read somewhere that you should use BOTH of the kinky curly products together to combat the stickiness. Gurl, you have beautiful hair so you don’t have to put all of the effort into making it look better.

  • Anonymous says:

    I use it only to detangle as well

  • SunshineOne says:

    Nik, I definitely feel your pain. Our hair textures are similar and for ME Kinky Curly Knot Today is best when used IN conjunction with the Kinky Curling Curling Custard. This combo works great for me. In my opinion,it is a great detangler but not thick enough to use as a stand alone styler (yes I made up a word) alone on our hair type. It looks great initially but does not have the holding power.

    ETA: I have also had great success using a number of leave-in conditioners under Kinky Curly Curling Custard with any product breakdown. A few include: Devacurl One Condition, Elucence Moisture Balance, Suave Naturals Stawberry, QH Heavy Cream

  • Maria says:

    Who is that woman and what has she done with Nikki?!!!

  • Kinky Rhonnie says:

    Hi Nikki, I used the Knot Today Leave-in under the KCCC when I had a TWA but haven't used it since. I'm not sure about the humidity in NY but check out EmpressRi's routine on YouTube at

  • Anonymous says:

    Ahh man! Sorry to hear about your experience. Especially since you already ordered a huge bottle! I'm actually planning on purchasing both the KCKT & KCCC sometime this month. As for whether or not it's worth it to just use as a detangler…I don't think so! It costs too much! I suggest that you try swapping it, or you can always give it away.

    Curly TD

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki!! I had a feeling that Knot today would do this to you….. I don’t like it either… and it is just sitting around. Itis time for it to Go bye bye..

  • Anonymous says:

    this is by far the best darn detangler ever.. the wait takes over to get it in front of your doorstep once you order it but it sure is worth it. i hope you try it!

  • Gigi says:

    What is a detangler for?

  • SA says:

    Aww, don’t tell me that. I’ve been coveting Kinky Curly for a long while now and really want to try it. I’m not far from you, in Charleston, SC, and it gets crazy humid here as well.

    I say use what you have open a few more times (if you have that many uses left in the bottle) to be sure it doesn’t work. If it doesn’t, give it away or swap on a board or maybe ask the creator/owner if she has any tips on using it a different way. It couldn’t hurt to ask.

  • Mlle M. says:

    Oh no! I use KCKT along with KCCC on my twa. They only work if I’ve conditioner washed; otherwise my hair gets too dry and is prone to frizzing. I haven’t had big humidity problems using the two together. I live in Houston where it’s often very damp, but I also have shorter hair than you.

    As for the million dollar question, hmm… to keep or not to keep? Does it do something that your old detangling routine couldn’t do? If so, maybe use it once a week or so and use something else for daily detangling. If not, you could always trade it or give it away.

  • chatamoment02 says:

    no you’re not the only one I’ve tried my KCCC twice and i don’t like it it leaves it sticky and i actually think my curls looked bettter after a cowash itself than with it. The KCNT is okay as a leave-in, it’s crazy humid up here too, i checked the humidity one day with the calculator on here and we were at 100%, but the KCNT is better as a detangler for me. I’m gonna give the KCCC another try though. I don’t think it’s worth the price though.

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