” Nikki, I love your blog! I have a question: I’m wondering if it is possible to repair damage done to my hair. I’ve used permanent dye, and heat, and my ends are splitting, and breaking. I also have white specs on the ends of my hair. I’m really scared, and I don’t want to start over again. What products can I use?

Unfortunately, there are no products that can ‘repair’ damage. What’s done is done. Products that claim to heal or fix split ends are simply a temporary solution. They hide the damage by sealing your ends together- usually with silicones or other plastics. In order to truly fix your damaged hair, you need to get a trim, and baby those ends. You can use protein treatments to fill in some of the holes on the length of your hair shaft, but if you have splits and “white dots” on your hair, you may need to cut off the damage to start over. Now, if you are like me, only cut off what you can stand to lose. My colored and heat damaged hair was the source of great stress over the past 2 years. I’ve been growing out my highlights for what seems like forever. It takes time, dedication and lots of trial and error. But the bottom line is, you need to start trimming. Oh, and weekly deep treatments won’t hurt either! I’ll touch on the White Dot phenomenon tomorrow.