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Curly Nikki

Cheapie Henna Review- Dulhan

By January 27th, 202130 Comments

Hola Chicas!

First of all…I’m watching Kanye on VH1 StoryTellers….HOTTNESS!!! He’s a friggin genius. Period.

As I sit here typing, I have a head full of deep conditioner, in the form of Aussie Moist+Aubrey Honey Suckle Rose. In order to accurately judge the quality of Dulhan henna for you gorgeous curlies, I did an overnight treatment with Dulhan only…no Jamila. In the past, I’ve been very disappointed after wasting my energy and time on poor quality henna. It takes a lot of time to mix, apply, and rinse that ish…and to not get the conditioning effects after allllll of that effort…not cool.

I mixed up two boxes of Dulhan, with a little less than 2 cups of green tea, and a bit of honey. Unlike Rainbow brand at Whole Foods, it doesn’t have twigs, dirt, and leaf bits in it. I was pleased with the smell, color, and overall look. Like Jamila, the dye released immediately. I showered, detangled and applied around midnight this morning. The consistency of the paste after adding the honey was slightly grittier than Jamila, and not as easy to apply. I rinsed around 11:30am and that was no easy task. There was definitely still henna in my hair as I applied the DT. I’ll try to get it all out when I rinse in a few hours. All in all, I give it two thumbs up. It’ll definitely be incorporated into my routine. As it stands, I have two options:

Option 1:

  • Henna bi-weekly or monthly depending on my mood
  • Mix to include 100g Jamila+ 100g Dulhan

Option 2

  • Henna bi-weekly or monthly depending on my mood
  • Mix alternates between 200g of Jamila and 200g of Dulhan

Both options help me to supplement my Holy Grail of hennas, Jamila.

Bottom Line: For $1.99 Dulhan definitely holds it’s own. I will definitely re-purchase and use it to help my more expensive Jamila go farther. Although it’s harder to apply and rinse, the conditioning effects are on par. I likey 🙂

Later Gators,


  • HappinessandNappiness says:

    Dulhan has always been the kind I used since I started a month ago and I like it, it is sorta gritty and I do find it still in my scalp days later, nut all in all it is very good. My hair gets a nice hint of color, feels stronger, looks shinier and is over all in better condition after each use.

  • Coffee612 says:

    I agree, I'm so glad you did a review of Dulhan because I purchased it a long time ago but was afraid to use it. I have Dulhan henna in my hair as I am typing this remark. Thank you sooo much for your time and experience!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I tried the Dulhan henna and I love it! It'll be my staple because the other hennas at my local Indian grocer look scary. Haha

  • Amaralice says:

    Two years ago I was having real problems with split ends. Following your suggestions I started using henna once or twice a month great results – my hair got stronger, less breakage. It also can give tightly curled hair a slightly "looser" curl.

    Here's my recipe:

    3 parts indigo (to keep my black hair color)
    1 part Karishma Herbal henna (from Lakshmi's Cupboard online store – $2.15)
    8 oz full fat yogurt
    generous amount Dabur Vatika Oil
    generous amount honey
    generous amount rosemary oil (to mask the indigo smell)

    It should look like oily yogurt.
    Works like a charm. NO shedding and NO dryness.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Nikki it's so coincidental that you posted this. I just found an Indian store in my area and they carry the Vatika Dabur coconut oil for $2.29 and the Jamila Henna for 1.99.. I have always ordered my Jamila from butters-n-bars but after seeing my friends results with the Jamila she purchased from there I am willing to give it a try. Right now it is all sold out.. I have always been a little weary about trying the henna from certain places but after seeing the henna in action and the results of my friends hair I am willing to give it a try.
    Cant wait to see pics of your hair!!

  • Skillsgill says:

    I know I'm late to the party, but have to agree. A friend told me about your site and I finally visited it today. I've been obsessed with reading your techniques and product lists. As a fellow PJ, it's always a bit cathartic to see that the effort pays off for some! LOL!! I've never tried Henna, but am so intrigued by the shine of your hair that I just may give it a try. However, I must admit, the process seems overwhelming. I've been natural for 10+ years and am pretty much a wash and go girl nowadays. So, the PJ in me is always looking for wash and go products that will give my hair the longest "shelf life." Okay, just had to post because I am thoroughly enjoying this visit.

  • Alii Lovee says:

    Hey! what would i have to do if i dont want the red color to appear in my hair????

  • Anonymous says:

    I purchased rainbow henna from Whole Foods (but I have NOT opened it), any reviews for this product? I need to know if I should return it =)

  • n'zinga says:

    Holy Moly! you live in the triangle!!!! me too! (where did u find an indian grocery) I have only found one in morrisville off 54. Do you know of any in Raleigh?

  • leandra says:

    I used Ayur Henna for the first time the other night and really liked it. This will be my 3rd brand. My first henna was with Jamila, which I love because I have a point of reference in terms of how easy it is to use henna.

    My second henna was with Hesh Mehandi Henna. Way too gritty for me. Took forever to wash out.

    This past weekend, I used Ayur. It rinsed out MUCH easier than Hesh, but not as easily as Jamila. However, my hair wasn’t as dry after the Ayur as it was from the Jamila. For $2.99 for a 200 gram bag, I’m definitely on board with using the Ayur again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey girlie, I have been using the Dulhan brand for about 9 months now with no issues. I too had used Rainbow in the past and my experience was HORRRIBLE! My current mixture is simple: henna, orange juice and olive oil(for moisture retention and easy rinsing). I think I will continue to use this brand. Its a good grade and cheap ($1.59!). Your review was good. Perhaps you could try adding other things to the mix for easy rinse out 🙂

  • Afrocentric Mocha says:

    Nikki…I think I have you beat…I found 100g 100% pure Henna (made in India) at my 100yen ($1 store) today. Needless to say I was ELATED. Will post reviews later.


  • Anonymous says:

    curlynikki, have you kept track of my many henna sessions you have done overall?

  • elodee says:

    I want some henna..I don’t even know where to get any…do you always get it online?

  • Anonymous says:


    You hair is amazing! I am in the process of transitioning. I haven’t had a relaxer in 14 weeks. I am currently alternating between sew-ins and two strand twist. I am not knowledgeable about hair at all. When handling my hair the only thing I know how to do is a wrap. I am scared to death of this transitioning process because I don’t know if I will be able to manage my hair. I’ve recently tried to do a twist and curl and it was awful…Please help!:( Will please post a step by step process of how you twist and curl for the newbie’s like myself. Thank you in advance, A hidden beauty.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Thanks ladies!!!

    @cocoadiva, check out my videos. I did one on Henna…my mix, how to apply, and so on 🙂

    @Queen, you’re right. In the sun my hubby calls me red head…indoors, it usually looks jet black. Think of drawing with a red/orange crayon on black construction paper- you can only see the color if the paper is held under a light in a particular way. If you don’t want the red, check out cassia…the effects aren’t as dramatic, and don’t last as long. To read more about cassia, go to

    Kori and hypnotic, check out my most recent henna post!

    mikou, I’m going to have to check this out! Thanks for the review!

    Mary I’m so happy that you found (and are enjoying) the site! To co-wash is to condition wash- using conditioner as you would shampoo. For more information, check out my Jargon page…

  • Unknown says:

    Hi Nikki,
    A friend referred your site to me yesterday and I’m so encouraged by what I’ve read. I’m hoping that I will finally be able to acheive the natural hairstyle that I’ve been trying to do for the last 2 years with little success. I have my list and I’m ready to buy the products to get me started. I just have one question; what is a co-wash?

  • Unknown says:

    Hi Nikki,
    A friend recommended your site to me yesterday and I can’t seem to turn off my computer and do anything else. The information so far gives me hope that I will finally be able to find a natural hairstyle that looks good and I can do myself. I’ve got my list and I’m on my way to the store, but I have one question; what is a co-wash? Help, I’m a newbie.

  • Anonymous says:

    I used this brand this weekend (Saturday). I have mixed feelings about it. It’s cheap: $1.49 for 100 g at Patel Brothers Indian grocery store). Good color release: I mixed it with chamomile tea and a spoon of honey, washed my hair. applied the henna and rinsed (and rinsed) it out 2 hours later. The next day someone asked me if I had colored my hair.

    However, I had to rinse and rinse and rinse until I couldn’t take it anymore, then rinse and rinse some more. Then I co-washed and I *still* had grit left over. I prefer Three Rivers henna. It’s very finely sifted, easy to apply and rinse, seems to condition equally well and it’s only 1.99. But I have to try it again to see if that one box was a fluke or if it was as good as I remembered.

  • Anonymous says:

    i’ve been using Dulhan for a while. After the colour is set, right before i apply it to my head, i add a little bit of conditioner to the mix. this helps in rinsing it out easier, and the colour still comes through.

  • Media Moll says:

    How much are people paying for Jamila henna and where are you purchasing, online?

  • Queen says:

    BTW Henna Muse, is there any where on your site I can read more about Cassia? This is the first I’ve ever heard of the product. Thanks!

  • Queen says:

    Thank you Henna Muse. On my way to your site now…..

  • Abigail Sparrow says:

    hey nikki, what does the box for dulhan henna look like???

  • Henna Muse says:

    Queen, if you are interested in the conditioning effects of henna without the color, what you need is cassia. It does the same job without the red! I have some in my shop at, but lots of other suppliers have it too.

  • Natakue says:

    can’t wait to see the results!

  • Anonymous says:

    Do show please post pictures 😎

  • Queen says:

    Hey Nik, I’ve been contemplating using the henna since joining your site 3 months ago. My biggest hold back is the color. I think I remember reading that in the sun or light your hair looks auburn-ish…..I’m not sure. Is that right? Any way in your photos, I would never guess that you use henna if I didn’t know that you did. I guess what I’m asking is if by using the tea and honey are you diluting the color release? Help me please. I think my hair could use the added conditioning boost but I really love dark hair. THanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been reading and following along regarding the henna use. I am really interested in learning how to apply the henna. Do you have any cut to the chase tips for a newbie on how to apply and some tips to be aware of?

  • Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for pictures :o)

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