Now ya’ll know I can be slow sometimes, right? Well, what was supposed to have been a 30 minute hair style (according to the Youtubers) took me an hour and a half! I didn’t get the hang of the knots until I got to the second side of my head. The actual process of starting the knot is much harder than they make it look on YouTube. I actually did two-strand twists like Jenius J, and I learned to wind them tight until they began to knot themselves, or corkscrew like she put it. However, I didn’t learn this until 30 minutes in…I was completely frustrated and close to reaching for my rollers!

Here’s what I did:

  • Co-washed, Detangled, Rinsed
  • Applied DevaCare One to the 4 sections (2 on the right, 2 on the left). FYI, I did 5 or 6 knots per section (20ish in total)
  • Started with the back, left section. Two-strand twisted, applied Set it Free to the ends, and knotted. Initially I used clips to hold the knots, but I quickly learned that it was an unnecessary step…they hold themselves
  • Again, to make the knot, after twisting, begin to roll it really tight at the root, then wind it a bit…the tightly wound hair will make a corkscrew. Use that as a base to wind the rest of the hair around it, with each loop below the next one. The end should be tucked under the last row
  • Completed all sections
  • Dried over night, or so I thought 🙂
  • Woke up this morning to hair that was 95% dry…everything but my roots were dry. Some knots were completely dry, but others (the fatter ones) weren’t even close.
  • Take down, carefully and slowly
  • Apply Shea Butter to the ends
  • Separate gently, and fluff

I just finished applying shea butter to my ends, and as I type, I’m sitting under my soft bonnet dryer….drove. I hate sitting under the dryer. Plus, I’m supposed to be making my breakfast and lunch, and out the door in the next 30 minutes 😉 Not gonna happen.

So was it worth it? Not sure yet. The knots were a bit painful. I was careful how I slept, until I learned that I could lay directly on them without causing them to unravel. I’m sure the actual styling time will decrease once I become an old hat. The results are definitely soft, springy, Shirley Temple curls. I’m curious to see how this will fluff up!

Knots this morn, after taking one down

Knots are down, but twists are still in

I need to go, but I’ll post the results when I get in today.

Later Gators,

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