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Curly Nikki

Operation Length Retention – Giveaway!!!

By January 27th, 202134 Comments

Hola Chicas,

Healthy, supple, split-free ends are a curly girl’s dream. This dream, unfortunately, doesn’t always come to fruition, despite our best efforts. I try desperately to keep my ends properly moisturized and sealed…this is hard work and takes tons of dedication. When I’ve skipped a few days, the difference is apparent. It can definitely be a pain, especially if you’ve been mean to your hair in the past. Also, what works for some, doesn’t work for others. In order to achieve healthy ends there is A LOT of trial and error involved…and the experimentation seems to be a never ending process. Chaundra of Naturally Me has donated two 4oz sizes of her ‘All Over Butter’ to aid in our quest for healthy ends. I’ve been using this butter since February and I’m very impressed. It has become a mainstay in my sealing routine…right alongside my Shea Butter and Set it Free. For reviews of the All Over Butter, click on the posts below:

In order to score a jar of this natural butter, all you have to do is tell me why you need it more than the next curly! Leave your comments below (name included), and Chaundra and I will pick the 2 responses that convey the most desperation. You have from now until March 30th at 5pm Eastern Time.

Later Gators,


  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki, I am getting ready to take these kinky twists out. And preparing to chop off the last bit of my relaxed hair and end my transition. I’m nervous. And I’m worried about my ends. I want to start off as a natural with great ends and maintain supple, split-free ends as I continue my journey. But I haven’t figured out my product list yet. I was reviewing my journals back to 2007 looking for products that I’ve used with success and unfortunately 3 of my staples have been discontinued. **Grrrr** So I”m looking to you for help and leadership. Lead me in the right direction. Save my ends from Trauma…Please!


  • Jeneh says:

    I need this because I have noticed that my split ends have split ends. It’s getting ridiculous. And I am definitely a PJ, I’ve tried everything to help keep them sealed and moisturized. But, I just can’t find anything economical that will work for me. I’m unemployed, a victim of the recession, so money is non-existent for me. This would truly be a blessing for me. I would also like to use it on my 2 year-old’s hair. I’m having trouble keeping her hair moisturized. I would be forever grateful to win the Body Butter. Thnx.

  • B says:

    I could reeaaaly use the Body Butter. All my ends are still relaxed and I have been looking all for something to keep them silky. I also need something to help with hold and clumping. Please CurlyNikki, I need help!

  • Anonymous says:

    Split ends run in my family. I have them and my sisters have them. My 9 year old niece has them, even my 1 year old nephew who has a head full of curls has them!! What a curse!!

    I would go and get a super cut so that all my splits ends would be gone but it seemed like when I washed the next time they would be back. Stylist rediculed me…it really hurt. They made it seem like I didn’t take care of my hair, but I did, not like I do now but I did make an effort. At times I think that my ends are just frizzy and not split but either way the ends just don’t look good. I started my super serious healthy hair journey last May and one of the main focal points has been my ends, sadly I just discovered moisturizing and sealing in August and I have to say that my ends have LOVED it but I could use some help. This is where you come in. How many times in your life do you have a chance to really make a difference in a person’s life??? Well here is your chance. You can help me end this life-long struggle with dry, frizzy ends…the power is in your hands.

    Nikki you hair is WONDERFUL, just lovely!! Chandra I am sure yours it too πŸ™‚

    Thanks ladies for this offer! PICK ME!!!!


    Marcia B.

  • KellyLex says:

    Hi, I’m Alexia! Well, I don’t know if I can enter, since I live in Jamaica, but here goes: I need this because you don’t find good products here easilly i.e. products without mineral oil/petrolatum, cones, etc. You would tell me to order online for such products but the thing is I’m 16, broke and too young to own a credit card here. And my ends are splitting and breaking badly and I’m trimming as we speak. I want my hair long again; It’s short nowbecause I BCed august after relaxing for only 9 months.

    I notice that my hair grows fast but it’s always breaking even though I take my time with my hair and use protective styles. My hair is in twists without extensions and I noticed little pieces of my hair are falling out on my book today while I was at school and I was confused thinking, “Aren’t protective styles sopposed to prevent this from happening?” .

    Usually I wash (with a sulphate shampoo.My only “safe” choice CON has sodium hydroxide, so I don’t use it) DC, condition, apply leave-in then hair grease then plait in large braids for my hair to dry.I wanted to stop using hair grease, so I searched health stores for shea butter. When I ask about it they look at me as if I am strange asking for the raw thing. I then look elsewhere for products containing shea butter, but they have harmful ingredients. I really need something for my hair to help it from breaking so badly. It feels soft but the ends are really dry. I feel so insecure with this length, the “in between” length. I don’t want it in a TWA again so I got to get it long. My hair would sometimes get long before I ever started relaxed but mysteriously it would break off and get short. I know it’s not protein that my hair needs since protein makes it break badly. I think it’s because I need to seal in the moisture so pleeeeeeeease let me win! Thanks for having the give away. It’s nice to know that your looking out for your fellow naturals.

    PS. I feel so bad because I think I wrote the longest response. Please ladies don’t cuss me out! (i’m only kidding!)

  • Anonymous says:

    I need this product more than the all the other curlies who want this because…

    I am fine haired natural whose hair type is in the 3b/3c range. Because I have fine hair it is very hard for me to find a product that I can use on my ends without breaking them off. I have tried regular shea butter, I have tried coconut oils but these products either left me with dry ends or were so heavy that just putting them on my ends broke them. I am also a believer that one shoudl not have to trim their ends unless they are damaged. I find that I can not go a month without trimming just because my fine ends are always susceptible to splitting/breaking. Please help win this challenge because the worst thing about being natural is having fine hair that breaks and splits with the slightest touch. Using your twist n’ curl method has helped some but I am still searching for that one product, and I hope that that one product is the one that you are giving away!

  • ChiChi says:

    OMG…I need it, I need it, I need it! I can’t tell you how bad I am in need of moisture. I just BCed on the 7th of February, but I still have trouble with my hair and moisture. I get that lil static-y, crunchy sound when I rub my hands through my hair sometimes and I HATE it! You’d think I would have less trouble since I’m not in a really cold area, but I just don’t know. Am I doing something wrong? I still need to get a water filter, but besides that…*Shrugs* I love that just washed and moisturized silky feeling, but as soon as my hair dries…it’s POOF, POW, GONE. I need it IN.MY.LIFE. Not only am I PJ to the 20th power shonuff, it’s a recession. I can’t be spending money all willy nilly. I’m supposed to be on punishment right now. LOL


  • ChiChi says:

    OMG…I need it, I need it, I need it! I can’t tell you how bad I am in need of moisture. I just BCed on the 7th of February, but I still have trouble with my hair and moisture. I get that lil static-y, crunchy sound when I rub my hands through my hair sometimes and I HATE it! You’d think I would have less trouble since I’m not in a really cold area, but I just don’t know. Am I doing something wrong? I still need to get a water filter, but besides that…*Shrugs* I love that just washed and moisturized silky feeling, but as soon as my hair dries…it’s POOF, POW, GONE. I need it IN.MY.LIFE. Not only am I PJ to the 20th power shonuff, it’s a recession. I can’t be spending money all willy nilly. I’m supposed to be on punishment right now. LOL


  • Anonymous says:

    This recession is real and I guess it wasn’t the best time to go natural b/c I simply don’t have the resources to spend my money and experiment on various products. On top of that, I just BC’d and all the recommend products that I’ve decided to try from the board (recommended for 4a hair) have not worked!!! My ends are ridiculously dry when I wear my hair out and this had me regretting my choice to go natural. The only time my ends seem to do well is when my hair is in twists. However, I don’t want to make the choice to lock so soon. I want to be able to experiment and find a regimine that works for my hair. I’m at my breaking point already!!!!


  • augusta says:

    oh, my name is autumn-otong

  • augusta says:

    to be honest, i cant afford to be a product junkie-being a student and all. so when i hear rave reveiws on a product my interest is piqued, but i usually calm myself dowm realizing that said product is usually out of my budget.
    i’ve been a natural for three years and i’m still learning how to keep my ends from getting knotted,dry,crunchy etc. i dont get as much knotted ends like i used to have, but it can be better.
    if this product is as good as you claim it is, then hell yeah i’d like to get this thang.

  • Anonymous says:

    … because if the next curly gets it then the kinky curly (which is i) won’t πŸ™

  • Kourtney says:

    I am in need. I am in an unfortunate teenager trying my hardest not to give into this idea that my curly hair isn’t pretty enough. That my hair should be bone straight to be considered pretty. I know that’s not true, so I want the product to take care of my hair and resist those idiotic ideas.
    I don’t usually play the age card, but you said go for desperate. I am a kid who pretty much went broke these past few weeks trying to take care of my hair. πŸ˜‰

  • modest-goddess says:

    I need it because my hair which is 7 inches shrinks down to 2 inches after a wash n go. It has been a year since my big chop but it will take at least another year of normal growth and healthy moisturized ends to achieve big hair.

  • Maria says:

    I need this product because if I don’t look good at work I won’t get that promotion, which means my family will be on the street homeless!!! Yeah my life depends on this 4 oz product. You don’t want to see me with a sign in the middle of the highway that says “will work for conditioner” do you?

  • Aimee says:

    I need this product b/c I honestly don’t know what else can help my hair. For the past 4 weeks I have been wearing my hair in a bun b/c my hair has been become very dry over time. The fact that my 7 month old son tries to rip my hair out of my head doesn’t help either. In between school, work, my husband, and my son I have little time to pay attention to my hair. I just want a product that would bring my hair back to it’s pre-dry phase….

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, I need this for my ends! My friend made a joke about my hair, saying the top portion of my hair looks like it belongs to one head and the bottom portion looks like it belongs to another head…sigh. I want my hair to be united!

  • Pat says:

    I think blogger ate my previous comment. I have a very dry dry twa so I would use this to seal in moisture, I would also use this product on my 5 year old daughter, she is my inspiration for becoming a curly girl

  • hairepy says:

    Please please pick me. I am trying to find a cure for my dry thirsty ends! I have been searching on the computer day and night for different techiniques and moisturizers to the point where if I am not on the computer my four year old son asks “mommy, are you going on your hair journey today” My ends get so dry and split and I dont even use heat. Its to the poin t where a 10 minute search and destroy turns into an hour project and now my husband hides my scissors so that they can get my full attention. When I am out and I meet some one, my son says “tell then about your hair journey” and of course I just smile and say “what are you talking about” dont put a plastic cap on your head because he think you have henna hair. My family should no longer suffer because of these dry strands, and my obsession to find a cure. pleassssssssssssse pick me! for the sake of the family’s sanity.

    hairepy needs therapy!


  • Moi says:

    I’m going to say this plain and simple: My hair is a trainwreck!!

    I’ve gone natural (with only 1 perm ever) 2 years old but for some reason my ends are contantly splitting! My hair seems as if it’s getting shorter (based on pictures I’ve taken of my hair)…This would be a great tool to help reversing that.

  • Cherry says:

    I’m looking for a product that will help with my excessive split ends and since my hair is thin/fine it needs HELP!

  • Anonymous says:

    Me me me!!!I NEED this because I am TRYING to have my hair look like something for my wedding in May. I have yet to find anything to work for my two strand twist to stay in. I haven’t relaxed since May 08, and still have stringy ends in my hair. SOOO, thus far, I have maintained a fabo bun. (boring!). I am sticking this journey out, and learning lots about me and my hair in the process. Just need a lil extra umpf to get it right. Jennika

  • GLSDavis says:

    I need this because my husband is very skeptical of my twa. As of today his hair is longer than mine and we are sporting basically the same hairstyle. I need to retain all the length I can.

  • a curly affair. says:

    I need it bad because Iam a natural newbie. I BC'd in the beginning of february and kept a few permed ends. I have millions of spit ends. I have no idea what to do. I dont know if i should trim or not n if i decide to do so, im not sure I know how, & i dont trust the beauty salon. I have yet to find a regimen or a moisturizer that completely moisturises my hair. It feels so dry and a little rough. I have been wearing a hat since my BC because it doesnt look too good. Iam so lost and have spent so much on so many products. In desperate need of something that could possibly work…

  • SeptemberRun says:

    I need this incredibly badly. I had the horror of spending 5 weeks taking down 1 and a half year old locs because I missed my curlies desperately and my hair has definitely paid for it. Pretty much, I spent weeks on end using ACV and Vo5 condish with a dental pic taking each one of my 200 locs down and my hair shows of split ends. I’ve been trimming inches almost each day but keep finding more and more splits. In the meantime, I’m trying to salvage the healthy ends I do have which I love so dearly to preserve my length but, I’m willing to do a blind cut if that’s what I have to do. This product is just what I need to start fresh or preserve the merit of my search and destroy missions. Not to mention, I’m a student who is green with envy of product junkies but simply can’t afford error on a fixed student loan income. Please consider me. I am desperate to be a curly head and invested over 200 hours to be one again. I just need my ends to survive.

  • iDream says:

    my name is kimberleigh and I think that i should win the all over butter because i have just begun my journey to natural not only as a result of split ends but out of curiosity and the fact that i have always LOVED curly hair and now know that napps are just tight curls!!
    i live in savannah and when it is cold the wind is harsh. it feels like it is punching me with big strong fist and my hair does not stand a chance against it. also when it is extremely hot in savannah during spring/summer and my hair just seems to melt like butter in a frying pan.
    i also cannot afford the hair products that i will need for my hair journey because i am a freshman in college and right now i am not receiving any income. the all over butter sounds like it would be a life saver for a beginner.
    sorry if this is long
    appreciate the opportunity!

  • Anonymous says:

    Why I need it more than the next curly…me and my hair are in this relationship…yes, we are committed to one another…heck, we’re married! We have our ups and downs…our good time and bad times..we fight, we argue…we make up….but Nikki, I have to tell you…lately, we haven’t been seeing eye to eye at all *smh*. We keep seeming to bump heads. I’m woman enough to admit when I’m at fault in the situation, and I take the blame for our more recent issues. I’ve run out of ways to make up with my hair and it’s ends πŸ™ I’ve done all that I could do in this relationship to make it last…I’m in it for the long haul…but there are times when I think we aren’t gonna make it…I’m at the point where I have almost no other choice but to walk away and let it go…

    but NO, I cannot give up on my love! “Til death do us part!”…those were the vows I took! There’s one thing that I haven’t tried yet, and that’s the All Over Butter! You Nikki, yes YOU could save this marriage…what a wonderful deed to have under your belt! This could be the marriage counseling we need to get us through this rocky period…Maybe I can start to build that trust up again with my ends…Please, please, PLEASE don’t feel any pressure to choose me as one of the recipients although your decision could make or break my marriage, and just because you are married yourself, I don’t expect you to be sympathetic to my situation or feel obligated to concern yourself with my personal issues…but I thank you for hearing me out and hope you find that compassion deep down inside you that I know is there to help me save this marriage.

    LOL, ok..ok…maybe that wasn’t too “convincing” but I hope you and your readers got a little laugh from it! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    I dont want to throw any other fellow curlies under the bus.. BUTTTTT my hair is abss. in love with spilt ends… they urke me so much no matter how much i seal, trim, condition, my hair always finds a way to get some split ends. So if I am able to try this maybe my hair will get better.. because of giving up on Cantu Shea Butter Leave In.. I have to use gel, and my hair is horrible. causing more split ends, and my hair seems to be changing… the roots are thicker than my ends.. and i used to have extremely thick hair before overstraightening..sorry about all the ranting and rambling.. but bottom line is I would LOVE LOVE to try this product.. it may be my HG for stupid split endss.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki! I really need this product because I am a newbie to the natural hair. I just bc’d in February…(I sent you pictures in your email, i am sure you may not remember…anyway) I am trying to see what works for me and it is a difficult task. I want to get my hands on a good moisturizer, but it is really hard to do since I live in Germany and a great moisturizer is hard to come by. I am stuck shopping online, which isnt bad, but it can also be a difficult task. The weather is very dry here and the water is extremely hard. I am all for hair care, and I would love a great moisturizer that moisturizes my hair, while i try to retain length. Also, since the air and water is very hard, it leaves my skin Extremely dry. I have tried so many products and it would be nice to try a product that is worthy. I have a TWA right now, and I do not want my hair to grow out in a split end mess! Lol…I am all for healthy hair…I just need a great product that moisturizes my hair in this dry Eurpean air. I would love to have the all over body butter, I am sure it will love my new locks as much as I do! Thanks!


  • ###### says:

    I need it because I have not found a taming formula! I am new here and learning, but want to find something once and for all that works. I love my hair!

  • DeeDee says:

    OMG! My ends are a mess. I have been natural since May 2006. I started with a TWA and since that time, my TWA mushroomed into a SL SEA (Split Ends Afro). I can’t tell you how much length I’ve lost to split ends and breakage…but since I want a jar of that butter, I will tell you πŸ™‚ In two sections near the crown of my hair and my bangs area, my hair hasn’t retained more than 3-5 inches of length. Thus, I have an irregular ‘fro mullet. My hair grows, it breaks, I trim, and the cycle starts all over again. Although the majority of my hair is fine 3c/4a, I think the crown is some thuggish 4b and it’s always dry. I’ve tried oils, deep conditions, regular trims, vitamins, braids…you name it and NOTHING works. I need this All Over Butter, because all over my head my ends are crying out for moisture πŸ™ This year I am shooting for super growth AND length retention, and I am going to make it to APL curls. Won’t you help a SEA finally shine? πŸ˜‰

  • labelfreementality says:

    Where do I start? First off my hair breaks off like crazy from years of excessive heat in my hair. Plus I ddint even know we had to seal the ends on your hair unitl I found this blog! I thought you just wash condition and go so winning will definitely help me further with starting a healthier hair journey (I do own pure shea butter but it confuses me)Help!


  • Rhapsody in PURPLE! says:

    I need it becasue i am a newbie and i still have a few permed ends that i need to protect so I can avoid breakage or splits. I cant cut them off because I wont have any hair at all! And I am a broke college student so if I run out I will be out for awhile, and i live in the Windy City and thats takes its toll for sure!


    Ariel Harris

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Nikki,

    I need this baaaaaaaad!! I’m at my wits end for what to use to keep my ends moisturized. I trim them, use coconut oil, shea butter from time to time and just don’t know what to do. I am coming to the point if I should just cut off all my hair and start all over again!!! I am hoping that this butter might be an aid in the never ending journey to keep my ends moist and hair looking as good as yours Nikki!!

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