I haven’t slept in a satin bonnet for months now…mainly because the hubs refers to me as ‘Alien’ when I do (affectionately of course). Also, the elastic band can be a pain, and some mornings, my hair would be completely squished and undefined in places. I’d say the bonnet yielded a 75% success rate.

As most of you know, I’ve had great success sleeping with my hair out and on a satin pillow case. Knock on wood, I’ve yet to experience a crappy hair day because of it. I also feel much sexier now that I’ve retired the bonnet for a spell 😉

When I first started wearing natural styles I smothered my hair in gel until the curls resembled crunchy ramen noodles. It was very easy to preserve this style — clip it down, scrunchy it up…it didn’t matter, it would still be defined the next day. Preserving fluffy, soft hair is another story.

Here’s what I do:

  • Scoop out a dime sized amount of Shea. Melt it between your palms, and apply in a downward motion to the top layers of your hair. It’s a ‘slicking’ action to control some of the halo frizz.
  • Secure both sides with a duckbill clip. This keeps the hair from wandering into your face and standing the chance of getting drooled on, flattened out, or shrunk up 🙂
  • Twirl any frizzy ends with DevaCurl Set it Free or Shea Butter. I slick a bit of it on the ends and twirl away. The curls never look like they do on day 1, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Sleep on a satin pillow case. I try to flip my hair over the pillow case to avoid smooshing the curls. Usually at around 1am, I remove the duckbill from the side I’m sleeping on (being mindful to keep the hair hanging off the top of the pillow)…not very comfy, lol. But hey, if it works, it works 🙂