Silicones get a bad rap on most curly hair websites. One thing we’ve all learned is that each head is different. So the question I’m posing today is: Are silicones your friend or enemy? If you successfully use cones, what product is it in and what results do you achieve (smoothing, anti-humidity, etc.)?

I like some silicones. I seem to do very well with conditioners that contain Amodimethicone- I’ve yet to experience build-up. Conditioners such as DevaCare One, Pantene Deep Treat Mask, and CD’s Hair Smoothie help to detangle my hair and keep the frizzies at bay. Sometimes, I feel that amodimethicone helps reduce shrinkage and poofiness in the high humidity months. I don’t necessarily seek cone containing products, but when I find a product that works and it happens to contain a cone, I don’t freak out and throw it out the
window 🙂

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p.s. My hair has grown exponentially in size over the past few days (east to west, lol). I probably look like a frizz bucket, but I feel fly! It’s been a while since I’ve worn my hair ‘out’ this long. Hubby is loving it.