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Curly Nikki

Oyin Handmade’s Shine and Define Results

By January 27th, 202110 Comments

I likey…but it didn’t hold well in the NC humidity, or should I say the NC dew point. Check out THIS ARTICLE for more on dew points and how it effects your curls. Today, the dew point was in the mid 60’s, so I probably should’ve put it in a bun and called it a day.

My hair feels unbelievably soft and moisturized. It’s a bit frizzy, and shrunk up a bit over the course of the day, but overall I’m pleased. It’s the cute frizz…not the bad stuff 🙂 I’ve already placed my order for two more jars of Shine and Define. I also ordered Oyin’s Honey Hemp conditioner after watching Empressri’s awesome review on youtube. The ingredients look delicious.

To style, I left in a teeny bit of Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie…I used a quarter size amount for each side (left and right). Before starting each twist, I’d add a dab of Shine and Define to my fingers and proceed. After the twists were done, I rolled the ends and went to bed.

Consistency: It has amazing slip (probably due to the aloe vera) and a creamy gel consistency. It glides on easy and absorbs quickly.

Fragrance: It smells like Starbursts candy…very sugary sweet, but not over powering.

By the way, it’s protein, paraben, and silicone free! I’m going to try it again on Wednesday night with the Honey Hemp Conditioner as my leave-in. I’ll keep you gals posted!

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a light hold styler with a HUGE moisture punch, definitely check this out 🙂 It gives light, fluffy, yet defined hair. I ordered through Curlmart. I’m definitely adding this to my arsenal.

Oyin Handmade's Shine and Define ResultsProduct Description: Tired of styling products that provide hold but strip moisture with drying alcohols? That promise shine but deliver crispety, crunchety, bulletproof hair? That control frizz but rob you of softness?

Oyin Shine & Define is a new philosophy in styling products. Formulated from vegetable sources renowned for their moisturizing & shine-increasing properties, Shine & Define Styling Serum imparts softness, light hold, great shine, and gentle definition.

Designed to be nourishing, light and non-greasy, this soft creamy serum contains herbal infusions, pure Aloe Vera, flax seed extract, nutritive sea vegetables, shea butter, and more. It’s like a smoothie for your hair!

Smooth onto damp or dry edges and set with a scarf for a sleek hairline; massage into wet or damp hair and squeeze dry for softness, frizz reduction, and definition of your hair’s beautiful texture. Work with your hair, not against it, with this lightly fruit-scented styling aid.

This product is preserved with a paraben-free wide-spectrum cosmetic preservative.

Ingredients: purified water, organic flax seeds, organic aloe vera gel, sea vegetable complex, coconut oil, castor, unrefined shea butter, organic raw honey, Vegetable Glycerine, Palm Stearic Acid, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, fruit pectin, xanthan gum, destrose, Optiphen (preservative) citrus essential oils, fragrance

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Oyin Handmade's Shine and Define Results
Oyin Handmade's Shine and Define Results
Oyin Handmade's Shine and Define Results


  • Anonymous says:

    I've been using this product since 2005 when I decided to go natural and still in my must haves! I have found that it does not mix well with other products except for oils but that's okay because I usually don't feel like I need to use other products!

  • BeautĂ© Noire says:

    I have been curious about this product for a while now, and am so glad you did a review. Thanks so much for posting!!

  • Justme says:

    I like Oyin products -I currently use whipped pudding, burnt sugar pomade and the shine and define for twists. It is a great all natural line with yummy smelling products. However I noticed their products do not mix well with other product lines. I get a lot of moisture from shea butter leave-in ( a great leave-in) but if I try to use any Oyin product on top of this I get mad flaking and horrid white balls. Also noticed it with other stuff so I tend to use Oyin alone now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nik, I’m lovin the layers that you cut. Nice job! Did you take anything out of your routine to use this stuff?

  • Miss Dior says:

    My initial application was o.k. but now I love this product. I am debating about ordering on-line but I agree this is definately something you should try – more than once.

  • puff says:

    hmmm… i’m already hooked on the honey hemp condish, but i may have to try the shine and define soon. and your hair looks gorgeous as always!!

  • InTransition_RN says:

    After going into the Oyin store (very quaint and calming might I add) and repurchasing this (after not truly "understanding" how to use it) I must say that I am in love with this product as well. S&D really works well with chiney bumps (aka Bantu Knots). I forgot her name, but she explained to me how to use it.. mostly on clean, damp hair… it's great on twists and chiney bumps… and boy, she wasn't sayin' nothin' but a word!!! I have extremely defined curls with tremendous shine and hold. And now that I understand how to use it properly this, too, will be added to my arsenal for great style!!!

  • ChocolateOrchid says:

    I love Oyin's Honey Hemp Condish. I've rediscovered it (used it when I first BC'd) after leaving it alone for awhile. After trying a bunch of other stuff, it is still the truth.

  • Unknown says:

    Oyin is some gooood stuff. I love going to there store in Baltimore when im at school, they are really sweet genuine people with fabulous products. FYI honey hemp has silk amino acids (protein) but i dont think it would make your hair feel weird. Thanks for telling us about dew point! My hair is rebelling when I wear it out lately in NC!

  • NappySince10/01/08 says:

    i can see it now: when i do get some real spending money (as Im mad broke right now), Ima be a PJ. lol. No really, this is yet another line that I want to try (in my top 3 next to Curl Junkie and…) If we can get KBB to deliver to PO Boxes, we’d be in business! 🙂
    Oooh, it smells like Starburst? Really? Mmmmm…

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