of healthy insides and outsides, let’s post healthy lunch ideas for curlies on the go. This is an incredibly selfish post, because I’m the one that needs help!!! I’m revamping (for the umpteenth time) my diet for several reasons–

1. I have high cholesterol! The doc didn’t tell me that I needed to fast prior to him drawing my blood, so my results may be a bit tainted. But whatever the case, my cholesterol is like 70 points over what it should be! Ummm….heart attacks are not sexy. I need to get this in check.

2. I hate to exercise, so I need to maintain my shape by making healthy food choices. I loved the book French Women Don’t Get Fat. I’ve read it three times and will probably read it again soon. The basic tenants are– eat reasonable proportions, make wise decisions (pick a glass of wine, or a few squares of dark chocolate, but not both!), and walk for your health. They don’t buy into the ‘sweat your butt off at the gym’ mentality, which is perfect, because I hate sweating, and I hate the gym, lol.

3. The once thin and petite women in my fam have weight control issues after bearing children. I’d like to learn healthy eating habits before starting my family so that I can concentrate on things more important than restoring my figure. Plus, I’ll be better equipped to teach my children how to eat right.

I do pretty well for months at a time–oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, yogurt for a snack, salads for lunch, and lean meat, veggies, and brown rice for dinner. But after about 3 weeks of this, I begin to crave fried, cheesy, greasy things (cakes, cookies, and pies, if you will) and not only fall off the wagon, but get run over by it! I’m presently off the wagon…having just ate left over Chinese food for breakfast, and pizza for dinner last night.

I hope to start the following menu on Monday:

Breakfast (one of the following)
-oatmeal, fruit
-whole grain English muffin/egg/ham sandwich

Snack (1 or 2 of the following)
-Yogurt, almonds, fruit


-hummus and carrot sticks

-lean meat, mix green salad, brown rice, sweet potato
-stir fry (homemade)

Did I mention that I’m not a huge fan of the kitchen? Also, at lunchtime, I’m usually in my car, and need something that is totally portable. I’d like to expand my repertoire so I don’t become bored. I’m addicted to all things fried and/or dipped in cheese, and will need to make an allowance for that at least once a week πŸ˜‰ Ideas?!

Thanks chicas!