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Curly Nikki

Exercise to Improve Hair

IG @khadijashari  Andrea Whiting of Your genetic makeup is usually the main factor in hair growth, but exercising can also promote and maximize healthy hair growth. While cardiovascular exercise is obviously a great way to maintain a healthy and properly functioning body, the improved blood circulation allows the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to …

Curly Nikki

Best Exercise Hairstyles for Type 4 Hair

Photo: Sariane Leigh by Mary Wolff Working out is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you work out religiously or sporadically, you want to find the best hairstyle for your routine and hair type. If you have type 4 hair, keep your hair looking great during any sweat session with these picks for best exercise …

Curly Nikki

Working Out With Natural Hair

source by Sabrina Perkins Question I have type 4a hair. I workout moderately – intense at least 3-4 days a week. I hear a lot of women saying they co-wash every time they workout but I don’t feel the need to. My scalp is not irritated or itching by the end of the week if …