Hola Chicas!

In the quest to develop the ultimate natural hair care routine (designed for growth, strength, and overall health), many of us pick up habits along the way that people outside of our group would consider weird, and even freaky!

Here’s my list of strange habits:

  1. I collect my shed hair in the shower as I detangle–and stick the strands to the wall no less! The conditioner makes the strands easier to plaster up there 🙂 This habit developed in order to keep my curly q’s from going down the drain and creating a massive clog. Makes total sense right? But if a friend happened upon one of my beautiful hair wads prior to clean up, they’d be utterly disgusted, lol.
  2. While in meetings and other boring situations, my short attention span drives me to subconsciously begin searching my curls for shed hairs. I finger through the curls and look for the odd strand out–usually it’s a shed hair turned upside down. I pull it out and let it fall to the floor. Gross, I know. It gets better–If I’m at the house, I’ll grab the shed hair at both ends and pull it until it pops, to assess strength (loud pop=good elasticity, weak pop= I have work to do)!
  3. I used to carry hair shears in my purse for the quick Fairy Knot or split end removal that couldn’t wait for home.
  4. I MUST stop in the hair department of every store I enter…no matter if it’s Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, or even the Dollar Store. I HAVE to, even if I’m short on time, and have no extra money. Oh, and whenever I spot a new Beauty Supply, I usually run in and check out their inventory as well. Funny, considering I rarely buy anything anyway, lol.

So, I’ve dished my embarrassing hair habits…don’t judge me 🙂
Tell us yours!

Later Gators,