Hola Chicas!

Recently, I achieved amazing 4 day hair despite high winds (we’re talking 20-40mph), humidity from the shower, and sleeping with my curls out. It was soft, defined, bouncy, and most important, HUGE. I was feeling it…strangers were feeling it…hubby was feeling it 😉 So what did I do?

To rule out a few intervening factors, I’m going to try this routine again on Saturday or Sunday…assess the results, and report back. Hopefully, I’ll be adding one more product (and maybe one more step) to my Holy Grail line-up. A hint? It’s a styler and it only costs 5 dollars 😉

Click to enlarge:
Day 1
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

I feel so bad keeping secrets from you guys! I just don’t want to tell ya’ll something and you PJs run out and get it before I know; (1) if it was actually that product that helped me achieve the look, and (2) if it’s one of those ‘one hit wonders’, or a Holy Grail.
I will say, that if you’re a Twist-n-Curl diva (or any set for that matter), in the coming weeks, sit under a bonnet dryer for 20 minutes following your styling process. I have a hunch that this step may have helped my hair set a little better.

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