Remember I mentioned my curly girlfriend Nadeira (aka Queen) in Part I of my EO review? Well, she purchased a bottle as well, and graciously provided us with a review! Check it out:
Disclaimer: **I’m new to product reviewing so you all please bear with me. Typically, I just try something and complain or rave to Nik and that’s that. So I’m putting on my big girl panties if you will and writing this thing all by myself.**

A little background on my hair before I get this thing started, I have very very thick, very curly 3c/4a hair. I BC’ed in May I think, who knows. I just did it because after transitioning for a year I got tired of the dual textures. My hair loves water-based cream leave-ins, hates oils with a passion, grows like a weed and thankfully shines naturally. Although my hair is very dense it is quite easy to manage. Lastly, my hair keeps a death grip on water…seriously. In the summertime this isn’t an issue but with cooler weather now here I really would like to find a ‘dry’ staple style.

Wash & Go

So Nik calls me yesterday gushing about this new EO condish and I’m thinking wow, whatever it is really has her going. Within 5 minutes previous tasks on our “To Do” lists get bumped and I’m in the car to meet her so we can roll to Durham. As I drive, she’s reading me the ingredients in EO and then she says it…. BIODEGRADEABLE…and I’m sold. I am the eco-friendly Queen. Any company that takes the time to make healthy environmentally friendly products has my undivided attention. Now Nik knows this and starts laughing whilst giving me the side eye and sneaky grin. So yes girls, I slipped into enabler status yesterday and drove us to get fixes.

Simply stated EO smells clean and refreshing. It even feels clean. It smells natural. I couldn’t wait to get finished in the shower so I could apply it to my hair. In an effort to give you all a well-rounded review of this product, Nik and I went through similar application processes. Although our hair behaves the same in many ways (ex. rebukes oils) but is different too, such as I don’t henna, we thought if we both followed a similar yet slightly varied regimen, we could give you all a better understanding of how the product performs.

Here is what I did:

  • First, I thoroughly rinsed my hair under the shower stream. I detangled with Herbal Essence Totally Twisted (Nik used Hydralicious) using only my fingers. I let it sit in my hair the whole time I bathed then rinsed it completely out, until my hair literally squeaked.
  • I hate drippies so I squeezed a little of the remaining water off my strands. I started applying the EO. Now here is where the process I used and the one Nik used differed a little. She was very generous in her application….that’s because the girl is greedy LOL…Just kidding babes!.. But because she used a lot I decided to apply sparingly so we could tell if using a lot or a little makes a difference. That said, this next sentence may or may not be the difference. In all honesty, I didn’t detect any more or less slip compared to other products I use such as Giovanni Direct Leave-In. I did, however, notice that even though I didn’t use a lot I didn’t feel like I needed to add more. Most of you know that sometimes when using products you may start off using a small amount then as you’re styling a patch of hair will feel like it was totally missed. I didn’t have that feeling. And again my hair is very thick so to me that says a lot.
  • Next, I made 3 ponytails to make it easier to work in the product and prep for my BnC (braid and curl). As I finger parted sections I smoothed the product from my roots to my tips to ensure even distribution before I braided. I left about half an inch unbraided at the ends and wrapped them around perm rods.
  • Lastly, I put on my satin cap and sipped 2 glasses of Cabernet before falling asleep on the sofa. Just to be clear, no heat, no other products, just EO.

I must mention one other thing I absolutely loved was that my hands did not feel slippery or tacky the entire time I was doing my hair. I didn’t notice this until hubby called and I realized I wasn’t rumbling around looking for a towel to wipe my hands on so I could answer the phone. This may seem insignificant to some but it is a big deal for me. Most times I can’t even grab the clips I’ve sectioned off my hair with without first wiping my hands because they are so darn slick. This ticks me off because then I feel like I’m wasting product on my towel instead of my hair….

The take down did not go as planned and while I love how my hair feels, my BnC was NO BUENO. What I’m about to say next could be why……Now if you’ve been paying attention you’ll remember me saying my hair holds water like a dam so obviously it wasn’t dry this morning. This proved to be an issue when hubby, home from his business trip, comes in the living room wanting to go to the spa for pedicures. I’m like babe, you didn’t tell me so I could get ready. Not wanting to go to the spa looking like a bumpkin I start taking my hair down. Mister, clearly impatient, throws a ratty looking black knit cap at me like let’s go. Grumbling and cursing him to the high heavens, in my head of course because I’m such good wifey LMBO @ Nik…I did. Let me just safeguard my fashion rep by stating if it weren’t for the fact that the brother worked like a Hebrew slave this week his arse would have just had to wait. I took one for the team and we rolled to the spa me looking like I was about rob the place and him throwing compliments because I decided to give him the silent treatment until we got there. I forgot all about the dreadful cap while I cheated on him with the massage chair but as I sat waiting with my feet under the machine that dries your toes the damn cap started to itch. Figuring since I wore the cap that matched absolutely nothing in my outfit, any attempts at that point to be cute were futile and so ladies I said “F it!” and took that crap off. It wasn’t 30 seconds before vanity got the best of me and rather than sit in the spa looking like Kizzy the Slave, I started unbraiding my hair on the sly. I got caught up in the softness and kept going until my hair was completely unbraided. Let me tell you girls, brave is unbraiding your hair after styling with a product you’ve never used AND sans a mirror in the middle of the bougie-est place you can think of… the SPA. Needless to say the cap came back on as I made my grand exit!

This is Nadeira aka Queen and I approve this product.

Fresh out the shower and EO applied

Braid -n-Curl