Hola Chicas,

O M G. I’m so unbelievably tired! I went to sleep at 7 pm last night (missed 16 and Pregnant, Basketball Wives, and Rupaul’s Drag Race, lol!) only to wake up this morning feeling like the living dead. A wretched mess. Baby girl is draining me… but I guess it’ll all be worth it!

Anyway, hopefully you’ll recall that I used to use duckbill clips to secure my roots when doing a Twist-n-Curl. In the past months, I’ve tried braiding the roots (tedious), but most recently I’ve had great success with twisting the roots as if I’m about to flat-twist. To see it in action, check out the video on this post where CurlyChronicles starts her flat-twist.

Here’s what I do:

  • I section out the hair I want to twist
  • I then split that into two- – top and bottom, as if I’m about to start a flat-twist (or french braid/cornrow)
  • I complete 4 or 5 rotations of twists with the top section, and then grab the rest of the hair (from the bottom) and twist normally.

This allows me to twist closer to my roots without stressing my edges- – more definition, bye bye poofy roots! I also no longer have a need for the duckbill clips (makes for more comfortable nights), and even use a satin scarf on my wet crown to help the strays lay down!

I’m on a ‘wearing my hair out’ kick, but I’m sure it’ll be back in the Princess Leia buns very soon.

Later Gators,

Twists this morning after my walk

Set free without fluffing

ETA: I’ve been sitting in the same spot for 2 hours– I did my taxes (can we say procrastination), and blogged. I just went to stand up, and lo and behold, my feet are swollen… not a good look.