Hola Chicas,

As I sit here gorging on bacon and Corn Pops, I thought now would be as good a time as any to share the details of my new bag. I’ve got chocolate chip brownie cookies in the oven, so I’ll make this quick…

So clearly my new diaper bag in no way looks like a diaper bag… that’s the point! My goal was to find a gorgeous, HUGE bag that could double as my purse. I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about Mia Bossi and her new line– ultra stylish couture bags that are on the arms of many celebs (moms and non-moms alike such as J Hud, JLo, Paula Abdul, Madonna, etc). So you know I had to look into it…

Three things:

  • This bag is friggin’ huge. I’ve been a ‘big bag’ girl for some years now– I get the ‘OMG… your bag is bigger than you comment’ on nearly a daily basis, lol. But when I read the dimensions, and saw the bag on other people’s arms, I was like, ‘hmmmm… this bag really may be to big for me’. Needless to say, when it came in the mail on Monday, I was awe struck! It’s perfect! The bag is ridiculously high quality, has a very stylish design, and most certainly lives up to its reputation.
  • I had a hard time deciding between the Maria Tangerine and the Maria Chocolate (the one I received). The Maria Tangerine is the popular bag, as it has the signature print. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and most certainly trendy. I know me though. When that baby spits up or spills something on it, I’ll be shipping her to grandma, LOL! IMO, leather is more durable, wears better, and has a more timeless quality. It’d be nice to have one of each though, hint hint πŸ˜‰
  • Finally, I’m not one for expensive, name brand stuff. My close friends and fam know most of my wardrobe comes from Tarjay, and H&M. Heck, many of my former HUGE bags came from Aldo (for $30, lol). So for those of you that are used to dropping moola on handbags, I can say that this bag is definitely worthy. Exquisite materials and high quality don’t even begin to describe it. This was a splurge for me, and it was so worth it… thanks babe!

So what does any of this have to do with you (besides you sharing in my joy, lol)? Well, the lovely ladies of TinyTruffles.com hooked me up, and you know I couldn’t forget about y’all!

Use discount code ‘CURLYNIKKI20‘ to receive 20% off (good through July 31st)

Now maybe one of you will get that Maria Tangerine, take pics, review it, and give me something new to obsess over!


You won’t believe how luscious this bag is until you see and feel it in person! Made with buttery soft distressed Italian leather and finished with brushed gold hardware.

Dimensions: 11″ (h) x 7″ (w) x 15″ (l)


  • Machine washable faux fur changing pad
  • Zip-in and zip-out inside lining (additional insert for computer or briefcase available)
  • Cell phone holder
  • Two exterior bottle holders
  • Two interior bottle holders
  • One private zippered pocket
  • Keychain holder
  • Diaper holder
  • Baby wipe holder
  • Private zippered pocket for personal belongings

For those of you with significant others, I hope I didn’t get you into too much trouble today πŸ˜‰

Later Gators,