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Curly Nikki

Mia Bossi– My Flyy Diaper Bag in Disguise

By January 27th, 202132 Comments

Hola Chicas,

As I sit here gorging on bacon and Corn Pops, I thought now would be as good a time as any to share the details of my new bag. I’ve got chocolate chip brownie cookies in the oven, so I’ll make this quick…

Mia Bossi-- My Flyy Diaper Bag in Disguise
So clearly my new diaper bag in no way looks like a diaper bag… that’s the point! My goal was to find a gorgeous, HUGE bag that could double as my purse. I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about Mia Bossi and her new line– ultra stylish couture bags that are on the arms of many celebs (moms and non-moms alike such as J Hud, JLo, Paula Abdul, Madonna, etc). So you know I had to look into it…

Three things:

  • This bag is friggin’ huge. I’ve been a ‘big bag’ girl for some years now– I get the ‘OMG… your bag is bigger than you comment’ on nearly a daily basis, lol. But when I read the dimensions, and saw the bag on other people’s arms, I was like, ‘hmmmm… this bag really may be to big for me’. Needless to say, when it came in the mail on Monday, I was awe struck! It’s perfect! The bag is ridiculously high quality, has a very stylish design, and most certainly lives up to its reputation.
  • I had a hard time deciding between the Maria Tangerine and the Maria Chocolate (the one I received). The Maria Tangerine is the popular bag, as it has the signature print. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and most certainly trendy. I know me though. When that baby spits up or spills something on it, I’ll be shipping her to grandma, LOL! IMO, leather is more durable, wears better, and has a more timeless quality. It’d be nice to have one of each though, hint hint πŸ˜‰Mia Bossi-- My Flyy Diaper Bag in Disguise
  • Finally, I’m not one for expensive, name brand stuff. My close friends and fam know most of my wardrobe comes from Tarjay, and H&M. Heck, many of my former HUGE bags came from Aldo (for $30, lol). So for those of you that are used to dropping moola on handbags, I can say that this bag is definitely worthy. Exquisite materials and high quality don’t even begin to describe it. This was a splurge for me, and it was so worth it… thanks babe!

So what does any of this have to do with you (besides you sharing in my joy, lol)? Well, the lovely ladies of hooked me up, and you know I couldn’t forget about y’all!

Use discount code ‘CURLYNIKKI20‘ to receive 20% off (good through July 31st)

Now maybe one of you will get that Maria Tangerine, take pics, review it, and give me something new to obsess over!


You won’t believe how luscious this bag is until you see and feel it in person! Made with buttery soft distressed Italian leather and finished with brushed gold hardware.

Dimensions: 11″ (h) x 7″ (w) x 15″ (l)


  • Machine washable faux fur changing pad
  • Zip-in and zip-out inside lining (additional insert for computer or briefcase available)
  • Cell phone holder
  • Two exterior bottle holders
  • Two interior bottle holders
  • One private zippered pocket
  • Keychain holder
  • Diaper holder
  • Baby wipe holder
  • Private zippered pocket for personal belongingsMia Bossi-- My Flyy Diaper Bag in Disguise

For those of you with significant others, I hope I didn’t get you into too much trouble today πŸ˜‰

Later Gators,


  • Yvonne says:

    Nikki, I'm not one for name brand items either unless its totally worth it. My mom gifted me with the polka dot bag for my first pregnancy and it was undoubtedly THE best gift. My daughter is three and I still carry it around and even for myself. Even on my worst feeling days, that bag gave me a boost! I haven't found another baby bag that competes. HAVE FUN!

  • kadej says:

    I knew you had great taste, I have the same Mia Bossi diaper bag! πŸ˜‰ Well almost the same – I purchased the black one …. $$ well spent!

  • Unknown says: I totally understand you, it is a investition ;-)!

    Do they ship the bag with two baby attached :-)? No, seriously, I'd like to have twins! Hopefully soon…..
    Nikki, you look so pretty in your pregnancy. Love those dresses, too.

  • angelarose says:

    As much as I wanna comment on how expensive that bag is, I remember back when I got my first DOG, I bought a $600 bag to carry her in. Pure craziness, considering I was homeless not even weeks beforehand…

    When I was pregnant, I searched and searched for a diaper bag that was stylish enough to double as a purse, then I realized I could just use a regular big ol' purse and have a separate pouch in the purse to carry diapers and stuff in. This has worked out fairly well, not necessarily saved me any money though, cause I still splurge on purses every now and then…

  • stacierey says:

    love the diaper bag. just a piece of friendly advice . . . if you are planning to go back to work, make sure you get a cheap bag for nanny or daycare.

  • stacierey says:

    love the diaper bag. just a piece of advice . . . if you are planning to go back to work, make sure you get a cheap bag for nanny or daycare. you aren't going to want to part with that one!

  • A_curly_Diva says:

    OMG, Why would you do me like this! I already have a diaper bag that I paid 130 on, and now you have me drooling over thisssss…. and she just turned 3 months!!! My fiance is gonna kill mee!!!

  • KQ says:

    Ohhhhhh meant to say I ended up going with the Skip Hop messenger diaper bag cause I REFUSED a Winnie Pooh bag!!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    lol, I walked this morning despite my stomach ache. Apparently my tummy didn't like those brownie chocolate chip cookies πŸ™ It's hot as hell outside today… I was happy I didn't catch fire.

  • KQ says:

    OMG!! I checked this bags out a few months ago. I wanted a Kate Spade with my first daughter but I didn't get it cause I let myself be talked out of it. But not this time (I'm not preggers yet)!!

  • curlybean says:

    That bag is soo gorgeous! They sure have come a long way. But I am still fixated on the chocolate chip brownie cookies, the bacon and corn pops. I know you are walking girl but how have you not gained 500 lbs? I am more jealous of that than the cute bag. I am still trying to lose my baby weight and she is 5 years old! lol. Happy Friday ladies!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    Ms. Overproof! I'm so excited for you!!! I received my order fast too… like literally 3 or 4 business days later. You've gotta keep me posted πŸ™‚

    @kisha, how did I miss your message, lol! Stop it πŸ™‚

  • Ms. Overproof says:

    Ahhhh dayumm.. they got me!!!!!

    In for a penny in for $490. What's your address? Im making my will as soon as I confirm this order.

  • Anonymous says:

    dont have a baby, but im thinking about getting this… OH wait 500? uhhhh thats a bit steep. I guess i'll just dream about it

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    LOL! Y'all are hilarious πŸ™‚ Ms. Overproof you are out of control!!! I pray I don't read about you, cause Lord knows I have NO earthly idea how to take care of one new born… let alone two πŸ™‚

    Alicia, probably. They had the Tangerine one on Ebay for 150, but it was used, and a little scratched. I hear you on Outlet shopping… that's usually me, but you gotta splurge sometimes!
    Nya's Mom, don't you hate it when you come to the realization that there are no gift receiving holidays in the near future. So sad. Time to make one up… Happy… Friday πŸ™‚ For me, I find that he usually doesn't care as long as he gets to buy something. That's how I get away with most of my dirt! Shhhhh… don't tell nobody πŸ™‚

    @anon, the faux fur changing pad is gorgeous, but still a bit strange. All I can imagine is being pissed to hell when I have to wash poo out of the fur. Not a good look.

    thanks ladies!!!

  • Ms. Overproof says:

    Nikki girl, you trying to get shots fired up in my crib!!!!! LOL…$600.. Hmmm lemme think…. I could say it was a shower gift πŸ™‚ I still havent had my shower yet, we are going down to the wire, Im due 7/31 shower is 7/10…

    If you read about me its your own fault and you have to take care of my baby!

  • Alicia says:

    A $500 diaper bag??? You go girl…I couldn't do it! I have about 10 large coach bags and none of them cost over $300 (my most expensive was $290). Outlet shopping is all I do…wonder if I could find your bag somewhere cheaper??

  • Jessica says:

    lol @ "For those of you with significant others, I hope I didn't get you into too much trouble today ;)."

    I am currently thinking of creative ways to convince my husband that I need a new diaper bag. Mother's day has passed. My birthday has passed. Christmas is too far away! I already was given "birthing gifts" in honor of giving birth to our daughter (I encouraged this, actually.) I'll keep thinking though. Thanks for sharing!

    -Jessica a.k.a Nya's mom

  • Anonymous says:

    Although I'd never pay that much for a diaper bag (now, a handbag is a different story…LOL), I love that there are options out there like that now. I had to get a "unisex" bag (plain black messenger style) so that my husband would not be embarrassed to carry it. LOL! The faux fur changing pad sounds nice; I didn't have options like that in 2003! Very cool. πŸ™‚

  • Unknown says:

    That bag is super cute!! You are going to be the flyest mom at all the playdates πŸ™‚

  • Keisha says:

    Yes, Nikki you definitely have gotten me in trouble, lol! My DH will probably flip, but I have to have this bag! At 20% off, are you kidding me??? And I am like Robyn's nest, I am not even preggers yet! Haha! We are looking to start trying towards the end of the year. Woot woot for Nikki and her new bag!

  • Balls Of Beauty says:

    i love these bags and my son is 3, lol. but uh…yea i've never splurged on a $4-600 bag, i mean the most i paid for shoes was $180 and those were Chanel's ON SALE! EEEK! i need to find me an old, rich, white man to cop this bag!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    good through July 31st! sorry… guess you needed that πŸ™‚

  • LaMaraVilla says:

    Nikki, how long is the code good for? Thanks for looking out for us πŸ™‚

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    glad y'all like it! It's so gorgeous in person πŸ™‚ I get compliments on it all day.

    And yes, it really is a 600 dollar bag, lol. Crazy, I know! I wouldn't have paid full price for it… even with the discount they gave me it was pricey, but not that bad…the same as many Coach bags.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can't believe you spent so much on that bag! wow

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow thats gorgeous!…is it really $590 before the 20% discount?

  • BlondeByDesire says:

    Maternity wear and accessories sure have come a long way. I feel really old – back when I had kids everything looked like a maternity this or that or the average diaper bag.

    I love that bag Nikki.


  • Robyn says:

    Oh yeah! You are seriously about to get me in trouble and we aren't even pregnant yet!!! Ha! Love the bag…got to have one!!!

  • curlyq145 says:

    Gorgeous bag and it fits you!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:


  • Reina says:

    Owww! I heart you for this!

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