Techniques to Achieve the Pefect Bun

Techniques to Achieve the Pefect Bun
Continuing Exhale1913’s question from last week:

What technique and products do you use to achieve the perfect bun?

-Wet or dry hair
-Tools used
-Accessories to secure (if any)
-Finished Result (low, high, side, centered, etc.)
-Secrets for ‘slick’ edges (if that’s what you like)

CN’s Response: It’s been a while since I last wet bunned, but I loved the routine- – low maintenance, easy to do, and I saw lots of length retention. The only drawback is that my bun looks skeet for 2 days (until the hair is fully dry). When wet bunning, use less product or your hair will never dry.

My best buns? I get the best buns on freshly done bantu knot-outs (the above pic), twist or braid-outs. In this state, my hair is easy to work with, lacks frizz, and provides enough volume to give me the BIG look that I so crave. I don’t use tools, just my fingers to gather the hair in a high bun, or low side bun. I secure with a satin scrunchy or goody ouchless band and secure loose pieces with bobby pins. As long as I tie my hair up at night, I can rock this style for a week or more!

When I bun now, it’s usually on a 3 or 4 day old Twist-n-Curl. It’s less defined, a bit frizzy, and sometimes the end result isn’t as chic as I’d like. On these days I opt for a messy mid height or low bun. I don’t use any tools to gather my hair, and I secure it with a satin scrunchy or goody ouchless band. In order to get the edges to lay, I usually apply shea butter and put a scarf on before I leave the house. I almost always adorn with a flower, and use a goody headband to hold back my edges.

What about you?