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Curly Nikki

Goody Spin Pin Review– Do Over…Can I Do That?

By January 27th, 202119 Comments

Hola Chicas,

I ain’t no quitter! After receiving several encouraging emails from messy bunners that love Goody Spin Pins, I decided to give it one more go. The botched attempts and growing frustration finally resulted in success! I think I’m getting the hang of it now…

Check me out!

Goody Spin Pin Review-- Do Over...Can I Do That?Goody Spin Pin Review-- Do Over...Can I Do That?Goody Spin Pin Review-- Do Over...Can I Do That?

Of all the wonderful comments and emails I received, Whitney’s stood out:
I bought my spin pins last week, and I achieved the big messy bun look with hair that is a few inches shorter than yours. The trick is to not twist the hair into a bun. You have to free form it and stick the pins in. It should almost feel like it won’t work while it’s in your hands, but then voila! the Goody pins hold everything in place. Keep playing with it, you’ll get it.

Initially I was thinking, ‘poppycock, it’ll never work’! Well, she wasn’t lying.

You have to understand, prior to my first review I had tried the pins many, many times… bunning and unbunning an astounding 15 times, trying to achieve a bigger look. Total no go. But taking her words into consideration and looking at pics of Shelli’s hair for inspiration, I gave them another chance, and I’m glad I did! Like Whitney stated, it honestly feels like it would never hold, but somehow it does. The best part is that there is literally NO tension… my hair feels accessory-less. So exciting! I’m going to keep experimenting until it’s flawless, or at least until I’m just as confident in my Spin Pin bunning skills as I am in my donut bunning skills.
I may even consider entering a pic in the Simple Styles Challenge!

So yes, you can totally achieve a big messy bun with the Goody Spin Pin… as with most things, practice makes perfect! Give it a try and let me know what you think! Send pics too…especially if you try the low side bun 🙂

In random news… look at baby’s bassinet! It’s sitting next to my bed and I can’t stop looking at it. I’m so excited! Now we just need to finish the nursery… it’s looking like we’ll have everything together by next weekend! Yay!

Goody Spin Pin Review-- Do Over...Can I Do That?


  • Unknown says:

    I still don't understand how to get the big bun with the spin pins, what directions am I supposed to put the pins in? Everytime I try there's some side that's falling out…

  • Anonymous says:

    Spins pins are a great little invention. They are made to last and quite worth the $5 to $6 (for two).

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi CN! I had a disastrous experience with it and my hair was wrapped around the metal piece. I freaked! I haven't tried it again, but you have convinced me that I shouldn't be a quitter, either.


  • Anonymous says:

    b4 this post I had given up on the spin pins but now im gonna stick in there keep trying

  • Whitney B. says:

    Oh, and Tif, that is pretty much what I mean by free form. kind of twist and twirl whatever hairs you want to go in whatever direction. Basically, don't wind it tightly. Leave it a bit loose.

  • Whitney B. says:

    I'm glad you worked it out! It looks great!

  • Unknown says:

    I absolutely LOVE spin pins. I bought them from Target a week ago before I went on vacation…and they totally saved my life down in FL. I'm telling all of my girlfriends about them. Now, if I can perfect this bun, I'll be straight!

    Cute bassinet! I'm sure you're getting excited now!

  • mytayg says:

    Cuteness! I am heading to Sally's today!

  • Twitchy says:

    What does she mean by free form? Make the bun the way you want it to look and then put the pins around the bun you make?

  • ChrLvsBks says:

    Woo hoo, you got the look you wanted with the spin pins.

    Sounds like you have a busy few days planned. Your instincts are likely kicking in re: putting together the baby's room in the next few days.

    All the best

  • Anonymous says:

    Love the bun and bassinet. Keep the positive mantra going. Live, Love, Peace. ~ Sweetsop

  • Anonymous says:

    Can i go to the beach with henna hair? or do i have to wear like a swimming cap?

  • NewbieNaturalDiva says:

    I will try them this weekend! The bassinet is so doll!

  • Anonymous says:

    Now I'm definitely going to have to find these pins. Your hair looks great, as usual. Pregnancy agrees with you, keep doing what you're doing!

  • honeysmoke says:

    not sure my original post went through. 33 weeks. You're almost there. Boy, bassinets are becoming stylish. Can't wait to see pictures of your little one, especially her hair.

  • honeysmoke says:

    33 weeks. You're almost there. What a nice looking bassinet. Can't wait to see pictures of your little one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous results CN! I knew you could do it. I love my spin pins, they're a life saver in this florida humidity. That baby bed is very cute!

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    lol @ Stacy… I'll try. I feel like baby is gonna give me a run for my money. I've been good at most other things in my life (save for swimming, sports, dancing, and biking), but I'm sure rearing this child will be my biggest challenge yet! I'm ready!

    Try Tarjay, Walmart, Walgreen, CVS… I've seen them at all these places, but found the brunette ones in Walgreens (they also had the most in stock). hth!

  • Stacy says:

    LOL @ "I aint no quitter" too funny…I can't find those dang spin pins anywhere, but glad your finally got ur bun….make sure u keep that no quitter attitude when baby gets here 🙂

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