How Much Product Do You Use?

How Much Product Do You Use?
Jeanine writes:

I go through one 16oz bottle of cheap conditioner a week. I use an 8oz jar of gel in two. Although my favorite products aren’t very expensive, the constant re-upping is draining my pocket. The other day while slathering on my leave-in, I began thinking, am I using too much? Is it even effective?

How much product do you use? What look are you usually going for?

CN Responds: I go through a crap load of conditioner, at least a bottle every two weeks…and I’m talking the family sized bottle of Herbal Essence Totally Twisted or Hello Hydration. I need for my hair to be loaded down and ridiculously slippery in order to feel like I’m doing the least amount of damage possible during the detangling process.

I used to be heavy handed with product during styling, but not anymore. I like the fluffy, almost intentionally undefined look, and I find that it’s easiest to achieve this with minimal product. I apply my styler (whether it’s a conditioner or conditioner + styling cream combo) one section at a time. I usually use about a pea to dime sized amount per twist, which also aids in speedy drying times.

Bottom line: Loads of detangling conditioner, and only small amounts of styling conditioners/creams.