Lots of self-confidence is needed to rock natural hair.

Name a few things you did to help build your confidence… to find your swag in order to feel comfortable with and embrace your natural curls.

CN Responds:

1. Educated myself on care methods and styling options. I became the expert at looking after my curls. It’s the lack of skill and knowledge that will send you running back to that flat iron or relaxer.

2. Practiced Positive self talk and did my best to push the negative, self-defeating, and destructive thoughts from my mind.

3. Took less stock in other people’s opinions. That meant the compliments and the snide remarks. It was my thoughts and feelings that counted.

4. Found a support network of amazing women at NaturallyCurly.com and later built one here at CurlyNikki.com. It helps knowing that you’re not the only one going through.

What about you?!