HJ Lutz of Naturallycurly writes:

Well, I did it! After much internal debate, research and a very convincing conversation with a mom from my son’s school who happens to be a hair stylist, I decided to get the Coppola Keratin Complex treatment on my 4a/4b type hair. I was very leery about the treatment as I’d read that it contained formaldehyde and wasn’t sure how that would affect me. The stylist, who I will call Joan, assured me that it was safe, as she not only got the treatment herself, she also applied to her young daughter’s textured hair. Ok…sure. Another concern was the price. Most of the area salons were charging upwards of $250. I did not want to shell out that kind of cash unless it was a sure thing. Joan’s salon charged $150 so I decided to go for it. The worst that could happen is that I’d get an overpriced blowout and cut.

See what happens, HERE.

Would you get a Brazilian Blow out?

Curly Nikki Says:

you get my drift…